Choosing The Right Type of Kitchen Chimney For Your Modern Kitchen 

Nowadays, modern homes are constantly switching to open kitchens that are designed to perfectly match our informal lifestyles and encourage sociability while whipping up dinners or luncheons. The benefits of open kitchens are beyond our expectations. Many homeowners who have space constraints are also revamping their traditional kitchens to open kitchen layouts. As a result, the demand for open kitchen design has been on the rise for many years.  

The seamless transformation of kitchen layouts has contributed to the modification in our lifestyles and cooking skills. Be it installing the best kitchen chimney in India or getting world-class dining chairs, open kitchens demand expertise and great designing skills to get the layout right. 

Open kitchens in homes are normally defined as the elimination of walls, doors or any other barriers that traditionally designed kitchens used to have. In other words, the old-fashioned kitchens were used to be separated from the living room or dining room with walls or doors. The open kitchen layout opens up to a living room, dining room, or some combination of multiple rooms.   

Here are a few benefits of having an open kitchen in your home. Let’s have a look! 

  • One of the most exciting benefits of having an open kitchen in your home is getting an open dining and cooking atmosphere which actually makes your home space look spacious. The open kitchen doesn’t include a wall or door. Therefore, serving food will be more convenient. 
  • You can choose the best kitchen chimney in India for your open kitchen. Island chimneys are one of the best options to have. But, they are more expensive than other types of kitchen chimneys. 
  • An open kitchen looks more vibrant and stylish. These kitchens are well-ventilated. The natural light coming from the adjoining room windows makes it more ventilated and suitable for day-long cooking.  
  • The best part about the open kitchen is you can stay engaged with your guests seating in the living room. You can watch TV while cooking food. Plus, you can also keep an eye on your children while working in your kitchen. 
  • Nowadays, since open-living has become our new lifestyle, small apartments and minimal living spaces with open kitchen layout can work wonders. 

A more formal term that is used to describe an open kitchen is modular kitchen. Modular Kitchens include modern furniture layout comprising of cabinets that are made from diversified materials, facilitating an effective usage of the kitchen space. They have the best auto clean chimney in India, durable yet modish cabinets, drawers, better ventilation systems, bright wall colors, and modernly designed kitchen counter. Speaking of the best auto clean kitchen chimneys in India, getting the right type and design is remarkably important. 

Here are a few types of kitchen chimneys that you can install in your open or modular kitchen easily. Please have a look! 

Wall-mounted Chimney

Wall-mounted chimneys are normally fitted against the wall of your kitchen over the hob. This type of chimney is totally perfect for those kitchens that have their stove located near the wall, just like the Indian cooking style. To ensure a perfect kitchen aroma, you need to find the best kitchen chimney in India

Benefits of wall-mounted chimneys:

  • They need fewer ducts and pipes for exhausting smokes or fumes.
  • The best chimney for the kitchen with a stove located near the wall.
  • Perfect choice for Indian kitchens.
  • You can get these chimney under Rs. 10,000.

Island Chimney 

This type of chimney is the most suitable option if you are having an open kitchen. It is normally hanged above the stove platform which is in the middle of the kitchen. The best auto clean chimneys in India are installed with a lot of ducts and pipes to exhaust fumes and smoke out. When it comes to island chimneys, you must look for the best chimney brand in India. These chimneys are highly expensive. 

Benefits of Island Chimneys:

  • The best kitchen chimney for modern kitchens 
  • Perfect choice for a kitchen with a stove located in the middle of the kitchen 
  • Comes with any modern and advanced features 
  • Made from highly durable and expensive materials 

Built-in Chimney

These chimneys are integrated inside the cabinets of the kitchen against the wall. The extra parts of these chimneys are not visible. The installation of built-in chimneys requires extra wooden work. The best chimney for kitchen or homeowners who do not want other parts of the chimney to be visible, then you can go for these types of chimneys for your kitchen. 

Benefits of Built-in Chimneys:

  • Best kitchen chimney for modern kitchens 
  • Perfect choice for homeowners who do not have their chimney body to be visible 
  • Customized according to the space of your kitchen cabinet

Corner Chimney 

As the name suggests, such types of chimneys are installed at the corner space of your kitchen. Installed above the stove cooking counter against the wall, corner chimneys are one of the most popular types of chimneys in the Indian market. These chimneys occupy less space. Hence,  they are the best options for modular kitchens. Do not forget to choose the best chimney brand in India.

  • Requires less space 
  • Perfect choice for Indian style modular kitchens 
  • Installed against the corner wall of the kitchen 

While designing an open kitchen, make sure you also consider the cost component. You can calculate the cost of all the components of the kitchen. For instance, if you are looking for the best kitchen chimney in India, you must have a good budget. Similarly, you want to buy high-end kitchen appliances, you should be aware of the cost factor. If you are someone, who would prefer empty wall space, then an open kitchen is the best option for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing the right layout of your kitchen includes many considerations like selecting the best kitchen chimney, cabinet designs, and color schemes. Open kitchens and modular kitchens both contribute to the modern living style. You can hire the best architects or interior designers to get your kitchen layout done. Wishing you good luck! 


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