Customize your kitchen

When moving into a new house, custom made kitchen is the best option for you if time and money are not a restraining factor. People customize their kitchen in order to optimise the space they have. The designer takes into account the layout and builds the kitchen, utilising every space available. The shape of the layout or the size of the walls is not a barrier for a customised kitchen.

Why customised kitchen are preferred over modular?

A modular kitchen has its advantages. They are readily available in choices, easy to fit and price competitive. However in the case of modular kitchen designs, you may have to compromise while trying to fit all that you have in mind which is not the case in customised kitchen designs. Furthermore, the modular kitchens are factory made, in an assembly line and may not last as long as the customised ones. It is basically due to these shortcomings of modular kitchens that customised kitchen is preferred.

Advantages of customised kitchen

As the name suggests, the kitchen is custom built for you. By now it is assumed that you have studied enough material and pondered well to have a clear idea of what you need. The designer puts your idea into a plan for your approval and then comes the team of skilled workers who put the plan into place. Since the kitchen is designed as per your needs with a reliable designer making the best choices available, having a dream kitchen is well within your reach. Here are some of the few advantages of a customised kitchen over a modular kitchen:

  • Optimum use of space
  • The shape of the layout is not constrained, circular, or ‘U’ shaped
  • Half walls, open kitchen, part opening; can all be accentuated while designing. Customise your choice of colour, table tops, island etc
  • Innovative use of every nook and corner
  • Better quality material and workmanship

What to look for in a customised kitchen?

The designer is key to a custom made kitchen. Try out a few before you decide on one. There are many good modular armoire de cuisine Cuisines Rosemere, GRP carter, Quebec kitchens etc. whom you can rely on. Work closely with the designer and have alternative plans made before going in for the final choice. Speak to him in detail of the cabinet openings, faucet, counter height, lighting to your taste and needs. Once the design is in place, get involved in the choice of the stove, oven, fridge and of course the cabinets.

The extra money is well spent

If all the steps are taken care of, the end result of the customised kitchen is a delight. At the end of the day, the family will spend more time together enjoying a home cooked healthy meal. The extra money spent on the custom made kitchen is money well spent.

Peach Salin