How to Get a Commercial Interior Designer You Can Trust

Think of all the types of spaces you think need the work of an interior designer. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably pictured in your mind a nice home, such as a house, a condominium unit, or even a luxurious mansion. And while all of these spaces do need the touch of an interior designer to bring out their beauty, residential spaces aren’t the only ones that need design services. Commercial renovation and design in Singapore matter in business.

You can easily see how interior design has shaped the landscape of commercial spaces. Think of every public interior you pass through each week and you’ll notice how interior design concepts make them more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Here are just a few examples of commercial interiors.

  • Retail outlets
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Schools
  • Malls and shopping centres
  • Hospitals

Finding a commercial interior design firm in Singapore will help you address more specific necessities regarding your new renovation project.

What matters in commercial interior design?

Commercial interior design is vastly different from residential interior design in many ways. The difference lies in how your interiors are supposed to be used. While only families and individuals use homes and other residential spaces, whole groups of people utilise commercial spaces. Residential interior design focuses more on the aesthetic preferences of clients. For commercial interior design, businesses need to consider other things.

1) Brand image. What is the branding of your company? If you’re known for a more professional image, people would expect to see that reflected in your workplaces and areas. If you have a more laid back and fun-loving image for your business, people would expect to see that reflected in your company.

2) Functionality for workers. Commercial areas like restaurants and malls will have many workers milling around to serve guests. Common workplaces like offices or laboratories need specially designed workstations to cater to your employees. An office renovation project in Singapore is supposed to help you maximise your space’s functionality. The functional needs of offices can vary from business to business.

3) Functionality for customers, clients, and other guests. Imagine a commercial place like a hospital or clinic without the equipment and interior design necessary to cater to people with medical conditions. It will make it much more difficult for staff to help them and for guests to have a pleasant experience.

4) The theme of the company or business. If you’re opening a restaurant, you’d want your commercial space to reflect its theme. For example, if you’re opening a Japanese restaurant, most restaurateurs would want to have Japanese-themed interiors. A commercial interior design project will stick to the theme of your restaurant or store to better reflect your products.

5) Marketing. Last but not least, the interior design of commercial spaces serves an important secondary purpose– marketing! Marketing is important for drawing customers to your business. Did you know you can use your interiors wisely to entice customers into your shop? If you’re not using your interiors to draw more people to your business, you’re missing out on a crucial marketing opportunity.

It’s easy to see why you need to take commercial interior design seriously. When embarking on any commercial renovation project in Singapore, you’re going to need the help of a good commercial interior design company.

How to find a commercial interior design firm


Finding the right commercial interior design professional or company can help you make full use of your space. But with so many design and renovation firms operating in Singapore today, you can’t just pick one and expect to get stellar results. Just like hiring an interior designer for your home, you need one who will respect your company’s vision and help you build an office or other commercial space you can use.

What are some of the ways you can find a commercial or office renovation contractor for your business? Here is a short guide.

1) Get reputable recommendations from friends, family, and other trusted sources. Before you consult other sources for interior design professionals, look a little closer to home. If you have business partners and other close people you can trust regarding recommendations, their input is far more valuable. Reach out to interior designers that have connections to people you know.

2) Check online for more options regarding interior design firms to reach out to. If you don’t know anyone who can give recommendations you need, then it’s time to do some research yourself. Why not browse through some interior design magazines or check online resources for ideas? Go to trustworthy websites and double-check references on independent review websites.

3) Look through their portfolio. If they’ve done office renovation projects in Singapore before, then why not check their past works to see if their style and vision match your company? Check out their portfolio of past works and stalk their website for more information. You might even see some ideas you want to incorporate into your design.

4) Reach out to them and schedule an appointment. You won’t be able to know the finer details of working with them if you don’t communicate. Check their contact details and schedule an appointment with them to ask them important questions about their work ethic and the past work they’ve done. If you’re on a tighter budget, you should ask them how much they estimate a project like yours will cost. You should also question them about how long your project might take. Project scheduling is important for business owners because it helps them develop a timeline.

Only experienced interior designers can help you achieve the commercial space of your dreams. Reach out to an office renovation contractor in Singapore at CAD Associates, the only interior design firm you need for your business.

Paul Petersen