Protecting Your Home With Waterproofing – Why Does It Matter?

Every home needs protection, and no, we’re not talking about security systems and such. Your home’s structure can be prone to various problems that can cause structural damage. As a homeowner, waterproofing is one way you can ensure the protection of your home structure.

So, what is waterproofing?

Waterproofing is one of the essential things for your home. As previously said, every home needs a form of protection for its structural integrity. No matter the size of your home, whether it’s big or small, you’ll need the swaterproofing services cumberland pa and roof waterproofing in Singapore.

Waterproofing is a method of ensuring that water seepage doesn’t occur from the ceiling to prevent leakage. It prevents water from penetrating inside your home, which is crucial as you need your house to be dry. That’s because humidity and water exposure could harm the condition of your home.

Why Waterproofing?


Too much humidity can warp wood materials (especially if you have wood flooring), stains your walls and ceilings and cast out a terrible odour. If you have wallpapers inside your home, too much moisture and water exposure can cause discolouration and peeling off the wall.

So, what else are the other complications homeowners could face without roof waterproofing? Many experts say that the problems start when the humidity level inside your home exceeds about 60%.

High humidity also promotes mould and mildew growth, which can risk your health (especially among people with a compromised immune system). Not to mention, metallic materials may undergo rusting and corroding, while doors may swell.

Dealing with the problematic aftermath

As we can see, excess humidity and water cause several problems and damages that can end in costly repair works. Both structural and the ‘aesthetics’ of your home (such as painted walls) aren’t even safe from the trouble.

It’s messy, and it puts you in a position to spend an unnecessarily large sum of money for repairs and renovation. Wall and ceiling leakage repair can cost anywhere from $350 to $500+ nowadays. Should you decide on a DIY, you’ll be spending an untold amount of hours while spending your money on replacement and repair equipment.

It’s a headache no homeowners would ever want to experience. Not to mention other hassle plights of water leakage and water damage that can do to your furniture and possible insect infestations. Replacing your furniture (especially if they are expensive) in a single go alone is enough to leave you in a bad financial situation.

Wall Leakage & Waterproofing


Your home could be prone to leakage problems, depending on where you live. It may be unknown to you, but there could be an unreached spot where leaking is frequent.

No one wants a costly wall and ceiling leakage repair. Yet, many homeowners are still left wondering; how water can get inside their homes? There are many factors to look for, such as defective pipes, deteriorating floor slabs and roof seepage. While seals and grout are the most common solution for interior-caused leakage, water seeping into your balcony or roof is a much more worrying problem.

Causes For Wall/Roof Leaks

The design of every home exposes the roof and balcony to harsh weathering conditions. Heavy winds, intense hazing heat and heavy downpours can do so much wearing and tearing to your concrete. Long-term exposure can form tiny ‘cracks’ on it where it’s enough for water to penetrate inside.

Without proper balcony waterproofing or waterproofing your roof tiles, your balcony or roof will sustain enough water damage to facilitate water penetration. Stagnant water pools can form and further hasten the formation of tiny cracks as materials go through wearing and tearing. Poor rheological designs and construction are also culprits for water seeping inside your home.

Drainage paths are also among the primary additions to prevent water obstruction. Homeowners can also call for roof waterproofing repair for decadent concrete roofs that might be prone to water penetration.

How Waterproofing Helps Your Home


Waterproofing provides protection, but how does it protect and benefit your home? Many are aware of the risks of water damage and high humidity inside their homes. It’s normal for homeowners to resort to local roof waterproofing services since it lowers the repair costs.

Waterproofing acts like a form of ‘coating’ for your balcony and roof. This coating prevents water infiltration. It’s capable of reflecting off heat and sunlight, which decreases the humidity and temperature inside your home. It provides enough ‘sunscreen’ for your roof against blistering heat and water seepage without losing structural integrity, and it’s cost-effective as well!

Waterproofing increases the lifespan of the structure’s integrity, and it’s suitable for long-term investment against damages and expensive repairs. Simply opting for roof waterproofing services is a form of investment, not only for your roof or balcony but for the entirety of your home.

Signs of Water Seepage Or Leaks To Watch Out For


Significant sizable leakage tends to go unnoticed. The problem only becomes ‘visible’ when there is already a ‘major’ structural problem. Here are some of the most common signs to look for:

Musty smell

A musty odour is one of the less obvious signs lingering around the carpet and your window framing.

Moulds and mildews

Perhaps the most obvious signs of water leakage are moulds and mildew that appear on your ceiling. You might need to invest in an air purifier, aside from roof waterproofing, should a family member have asthma.

Discolouration and saggy ceilings

Water leaking from the roof causes colouration and saggy ceilings. It might not seem to impose a ‘serious’ problem at all. However, sagging ceilings requires an immediate repair solution to prevent ceiling collapse.

Final Thoughts

Opting for roof waterproofing might seem like an additional expense. However, it provides a long-term investment for ensuring longer-lasting structural integrity and provides maximal comfort for you and your family!

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