Make the right choice with Smart Curtains

Making the right choice when buying motorized window treatments can be grueling. We are answering 7 of your most constantly asked motorized hangouts questions in this companion.

  1. What Are Motorized or Electric Hangouts And How Do They Work?

An electric window treatment, also known as a motorized window treatment, is an eyeless shade that’s operated with an electric motor and controlled with a remote. This generally means the lift function is motorized but it can also apply to an eyeless or shutter’s cock function. Since smaller cords are swinging from a motorized shade, this frequently makes them a safer choice for homes with kiddies.

  1. How Are Motorized Hangouts Powered?

Motorized hangouts and tones are frequently powered through a lithium battery pack (generally AA batteries) or rechargeable motor. A single charge generally lasts 6 months to a time but the exact lifetime will vary depending on how big your shade is and how frequently it’s used. DC power cords are also an option for some (not each) motorized tones,  curtains  but this option only works if you have an outlet near your window or in your window frame. also, some tones, including Premium Breakers tones (Light Filtering or knockout), offer a mini solar panel as a power option.

  1. Can Motorized Hangouts Be Connected To My Smart Device?

Smart device comity will vary between brands. In addition to a remote, numerous Leveler motorized hangouts and tones are compatible with an app you can download to your phone or tablet to program and operate the hangouts. Bali’s mechanization option(Auto view only) and hangouts and tones are compatible with some Smart curtains.

  1. Are Motorized Hangouts Reliable? How Long Do They Last?

Motorized window treatments are just as dependable as standard window treatments. But keep in mind that battery-operated tones will need to be charged periodically depending on the operation. utmost standard window treatments have an average lifetime of 3- 10 times. How frequently you’re using your hangouts or tones can also have an impact on their life.

  1. Are Motorized Hangouts Loud Or Noisy?

This is a good question. Are the motors loud? The rattle range for motorized hangouts will vary depending on the brand, product type, and potentially the size of the window treatment. still, motorized hangouts are designed with volume in mind so they’re veritably quiet, producing only a soft humming or droning sound.

  1. Are Motorized Hangouts Hard to Install?

Generally, motorized hangouts aren’t delicate to install. still, installation specifics will vary depending on the type of eyeless or shade you have as well as the brand. Just like regular window treatments, if your eyeless or shade is wide you may need an alternate set of hands to help with installation.

utmost tones also will come pre-programmed with the included remote. But reprogramming is super easy if you want to acclimate upper or lower limits on the shade (limiting how high or low a shade will go).

Apartments with lots of windows that need to be opened and closed regularly can profit from mechanization too. You can fluently program your tones to be raised together at the same time.

Clare Louise