Organizing a bedside table

A bedside table is one of the most overlooked pieces in a bedroom. This is because it offers little storage space. Even if this is the case, keep in mind that there is no large or small storage space in a bedroom – it is always a matter of timizing every space to improve functionality.

When it comes to improving bedside functionality, it is time that you stop shoving everything and start paying more attention to your bedside table organization. To help you get started, here are some tips for a clutter-free bedside table:

Evaluate your current bedside table

The first thing that you need to do is to evaluate your current bedside table. Ask yourself if it is the right one for your needs. If it is too small for your needs, it will always remain chaotic no matter how much time you spend on de-cluttering. If it is too big for your needs, it can be a nuisance and it will turn out a waste of space.

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is replacing it with cheap bedside tables australia. New bedside tables come with shelves, drawers and small cupboard integrated within. There are even modern headboards having integrated bedside tables. In the end, extra storage is useful for tucking cables and other necessities neatly.

Decide whether to toss or keep

Whether you want to settle with your old bedside table or purchase a new one having more storage, you must decide items that you should keep or toss. To do this, you have to take everything off the bedside table and categorize it.

When categorizing, you have to be strict. As much as possible, keep essential things like lamps and an alarm clock. If you have piles of books, glasses, tissues, lip-gloss, and hand cream, you should move it to its proper storage place. Ultimately, your goal here is to put everything you need in handy and neatly tucked away.

Pick bedside table with feet

If you have a small bedroom, it is advised that you consider a storage-rich but diminutive table. The best bedside table here should feature feet to generate the impression of more open floor space.

As mentioned, you should categorize your things. For your essentials, you need to keep it. It is also recommended to always delegate a spot to put a glass of water. When putting something on top of the table, it is better to display a small but relevant piece of art.

Review your setup regularly

You should review your setup regularly so you can put everything back in order again. If you are not used to your new organization, sloppiness will surely destroy it. This is expected but if you review your setup regularly, you can make revisions or updates as needed. After organizing, make sure to clean the table.

Final words

If you are worried about clutter, you should invest in some drawer dividers. This way, you can find things easily and store items neatly. Always remember that an organized bedside table will allow you to have a peace of mind. By organizing stuff and refraining from shoving everything, you can rest easy and get a good sleep.


Paul watson