Rattan 101: Give Your Home a Warm Feeling with Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a fibrous vine that mainly grows in the tropical forests of Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Because of its durability and manipulability, rattan has been a staple material used in making beautifully intricate furniture since the 19th century. While several kinds of furniture have been created and produced in the past decades, rattan furniture has a unique charm that still makes them quite popular among today’s homeowners.

If you’re thinking of using rattan furniture in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about rattan furniture, their different types, the benefits, the kind of furniture available, and how you can tie the look with rattan pendant lights.

Different Types of Rattan Furniture

Unknown to many, there are two kinds of rattan suppliers commonly use to build rattan furniture. Knowing the difference between the two can help you decide on what type of rattan furniture you’d like to bring home.

Natural Rattan

Samples of natural rattan furniture are made from harvested vines, which are properly cut and prepared for manufacturers to use. To prepare it, the inner core of the rattan is separated from the peel (the exterior). The former is handwoven to build the furniture while the peels are used as makeshift strings to tie the furniture at joints and keep the woven rattan in place.

Synthetic Rattan

Synthetic rattan is also known as “rattan effect.” As its name implies, synthetic rattan is a man-made alternative to natural rattan. It is commonly made from PVC, PU, and PE materials, with PE being of the highest quality. Synthetic rattan was created to address some concerns with natural rattan. Compared with the latter, synthetic rattan has weatherproof qualities and tends to last longer.

Benefits of Using Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture has been around for a long time, and they’ll most likely still be popular in the future. This is because rattan furniture—whether it’s natural or synthetic—offer a lot of benefits not just for homeowners but for furniture builders as well. Keep in mind that natural and synthetic rattan furniture each have certain perks and are better at certain aspects than the other.

Here are some of the key benefits of using rattan furniture.

They’re Cost-Effective

Natural rattan doesn’t cost a lot. Vines are plentiful in the forest and transporting them is not an issue. Meanwhile, synthetic rattan can be easily mass-produced in factories. The abundance of the raw material along with their more affordable costs makes rattan furniture quite cost-effective. Indeed, as long as they’re properly maintained and cared for, rattan furniture can last as long as wood furniture—all at a lesser price.

They’re Lightweight yet Durable

Rattan furniture is light and easy to carry. This means that if you want to move your rattan furniture to another part of the house or store it for the winter, you can easily do so. However, just because they’re lightweight does not mean they break easily. Compared to bamboo, rattan is not hollow which makes them more durable. To add to that, they are also tightly woven, making them less likely to break. Hence, you can place them in areas where a lot of people are moving and not worry. They’re durable enough to endure rough use but are also light enough to not make a dent on your flooring.

They can Hold Their Own Against the Elements

Natural rattan is prone to wear and tear against sunlight and water, so it’s not recommended to use them outside. However, the invention of synthetic rattan addresses these concerns. Synthetic rattan is weatherproof. They are also resistant to UV rays and won’t fade nor break easily. Additionally, they can resist swelling, rot, and mould. Considering these features, a lot of homeowners can feel more at ease at placing their rattan furniture in the garden or the patio.  

Decorating Your Home with Rattan Furniture

Rattan Furniture naturally evokes a feeling of warmth. When you see rattan furniture, it leads you to think of tropical isles, warmer climates, and sunny skies. Indeed, they played a critical role in the popularity of “tropical-themed” home styles, like Hawaiian, South Seas, Kon Tiki, etc.

At first, rattan furniture used to be only used in nature-related settings, such as beach houses, gardens, and patios. However, designs for rattan furniture have come a long way. Today, they make use of both traditional and modern designs, allowing them to fit in perfectly in any part of the house. For example, sitting on plain rattan furniture is generally uncomfortable, but current designs incorporate cushions to address this concern. 

There are several kinds of rattan furniture, including chairs, sofas, hammocks, and even small tables. Figuring out the colour palette, furniture pieces, and the overall layout is crucial to bring your dream home to vision. Sometimes, however, the room still doesn’t feel complete. 

If you’re having this problem, try out rattan pendant lights. People often forget about lighting, and perhaps this is the last item you need to tie the whole tropical yet modern look. 

Moreover, one of the greatest perks of using rattan pendant lights is that they don’t necessarily have to be paired up with rattan furniture. If you don’t want to replace your furniture but still yearn for a tropical feeling, rattan pendant lights might be the best option for you. They come in several shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can practice your creativity in finding one that suits your house best.

Overall, rattan furniture is one of the most beautiful and affordable kinds of furniture you can buy. To ensure that you get quality rattan furniture, make sure to partner up with reliable suppliers that consider your vision and your home’s needs. Whether you choose to buy full rattan sets or simply add a pendant light, a piece of rattan furniture will surely bring a feeling of warmth into your home.


Paul watson