Reindeer Rug Care Tips

Reindeer rugs are incredible interior decorations that can be placed on various surfaces including the floor and the wall. Not only are they eccentric and beautiful but they are also very functional.

As reindeer rugs from firms like Hide Rugs get increasingly prevalent, it is important for their owners to know how to care for them to improve their longevity while maintaining their integrity.

The following are some useful reindeer rug care tips:

  1. Air the Rug

A reindeer hide rug will undergo regular shedding so it is expected. It is normal and the loss of a few hairs should not cause you any stress. It should stop in a few months of having the rug.

Removing the loose hairs on the rug will give it a clean look. Take it outside and comb it gently to remove the loose hairs.

Airing the rug should also help eradicate the rug smell which is very natural. It will also keep the rug from getting mold.

Hanging a reindeer rug over a washing line in the sun and wind is the best way to air it.

  1. Place it in Little Traffic

To maintain your reindeer rug, put it somewhere where people will rarely step on it. Whenever, the rug is stepped or sat on, a lot of the rug ‘ s hairs come loose.

Though hair loss of the rug is to be an, too much foot traffic will increase the speed of the loss and significantly reduce the rug ‘ s lifespan.

Since a reindeer rug is so beautiful using it as decoration on a wall, sofa or bed will help reduce its contact with people.

  1. Do Not Place It Near Extreme Heat

Placing your reindeer rug near a lot of heat for example beside a fireplace is not a good idea. Too much heat will dry the rug ‘ s leather and release much of the rug ‘ s dry hairs. It will also burn the hairs of the fur.

Direct sunlight is also not great for reindeer rugs. It will not only stiffen the leather in the rug but it will also cause the colors to fade.

Place your rug as far away from fireplaces, direct sunlight, green houses and floor heaters for it to remain in pristine condition.

  1. Vacuum your Hide

The best way to clean your reindeer hide rug is to vacuum it. To vacuum the hairy side of the reindeer rug will maintain the rug ‘ s lavishness as the hairs of the rug break easily so vigorous cleaning will not do.

Vacuuming is to be done gently using the lowest power setting on the vacuum cleaner. You should also vacuum the hairs with the grain as going against the grain will cause the hairs to break.

Vacuuming the hide rug will remove all the dirt and loose hairs.

  1. Keep Pets Away

Pets love reindeer hide rugs. They are a soft and cozy surface on which to lie and roll around.

However, pets can cause substantial damage to your precious rug. It would be better to get them a separate rug on which to lie.

Kathy McDonough