How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Look More Custom

When it comes to kitchen cabinet design, not all homeowners have the resources for going with custom kitchen cabinets in Glen Allen. You may be one of them, you went with a stock cabinet option from your local big-box retailer or cabinet sales company. Maybe you liked what they had in the catalog at that time or you just didn’t have the financial resources to spend on a custom cabinet option. 

That’s okay, you need not worry about the way your cabinets look now. What you want to do is find the ways to spruce up what you have to give it a whole new aesthetic. There are options at your disposal for improving those stock cabinets you have installed in your kitchen and making them look more unique and exclusive to your particular tastes and preferences. 

You may be in the market to refurbish or refinish your cabinets but still lack the resources to give your kitchen a complete remodel. These ideas will help you get what you want in no time at all: 

Paint Your Cabinets

While many stock cabinets are available in a myriad of interesting color styles, you may have a particular color or shade in mind that just isn’t the catalog. Well you can go to your local paint store and have something original mixed to your exact specifications. A new paint color will not only make your cabinets look brand new but your choice of color will have the appearance of a custom job since you did, in fact, have a custom color specially mixed for this project. 

You can even get creative with how you select and apply your paints, opting to go with two matching or complementary colors for use on the upper tier and lower tier of doors and drawers. 


What’s great about adding lighting to your cabinets is that you can improve the atmosphere of the entire room while making your cabinets and countertops far more functional than if they didn’t have that additional illumination. 

You have plenty of choices as to the type of lighting you install. You can place it along the top of cabinet boxes are put in under-cabinet fixtures for improved task lighting. Wherever you ultimately decide to put it, you may also want to consider putting in a dimmer switch as well. 

Rethink the Doors

Cabinets come with doors. Everyone knows that. But it’s what you do with the doors that can give your cabinets a customized aesthetic you will absolutely love. The most recent trends have tended to go in the direction of placing glass inserts into the doors for better visibility into the cabinet boxes. This can make everything appear a whole lot more organized. 

Some homeowners have even added chicken wire to the front of their cabinets for a down-home rustic feel that can make a stock cabinet look anything but. If you want a more open-air feel for your kitchen you can go with cabinets that don’t have any doors at all.

Paul watson