Spring Pest Control Tips

After a long winter, spring is just around the corner. Homeowners across Virginia are already preparing to head outside and start gardens, fix winter storm damage, and complete other home improvement projects, but smart homeowners also add taking proactive measures to control spring pests to their to-do lists. Read on to find some tips for walterboro sc pest control services that will make the process easier.

1. Treat Standing Water

Standing water, whether it’s in backyard ponds or birdbaths, doesn’t just attract beneficial wildlife. If it’s untreated, it can also make the property look more appealing to pests. Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so treat it using an environmentally friendly insect control product, and don’t forget about hard-to-reach places like gutters.

2. Keep Food Waste Contained

Most people have no problem remembering to keep their fresh food in a refrigerator or sealed bins, especially if they’ve dealt with household pests in the past. What many Virginia families forget is that to mice, ants, and other pests, what people consider waste can be a tasty meal. Make sure to keep not just food for people and pets but also wastebaskets and garbage cans covered to keep unwanted pests out, and consider putting up a fence around the vegetable garden.’

3. Seal Entry Points

No homeowner’s spring pest control fort wayne in to-do list should omit sealing the home against potential intruders. Cracks in the foundation, gaps in siding, and holes in any exterior surface can all act as entry points for small pests, and many of them are difficult to spot. Take the time to perform a thorough check and seal each hole using products designed to keep pests at bay.

4. Keep the Yard Clean

If there’s yard debris, trash, or other clutter in the yard, it can attract all kinds of pests. Even woodpiles, outdoor toys, and other seemingly innocuous items can create hiding spots for rodents and insects, which can be a problem if they are too close to the home. Even if it’s not possible to remove 100% of the clutter from the yard, it’s worth taking the time to clear everything away from beneath decks and porches and around the house.

5. Control Moisture

April showers m bring May flowers, but they can also bring increased humidity and problems with moisture, and those problems can extend well beyond creating standing water for mosquitoes to breed. If there are cracks in the foundation, leaky pipes, or other issues that allow moisture to accumulate in basements and other damp, dark places, those conditions can also create a perfect environment for many pests. Like all living things, insects and rodents need water to survive, so depriving them of this essential resource by fixing pipes and foundations can convince pests to move on.

Know When to Call a Professional

All of the steps described above can be taken at home by an enterprising homeowner, but there are some tasks that are always best left to professional pest control fayetteville nc. If the property already has a problem with termites, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, or other pests, visit https://notsoaveragemama.com/ to find help. It’s also important to avoid larger nuisance wildlife and entrust their removal to trained professionals.

Paul Petersen