Steps to Follow in Case of Water Damage

Water damage is one of the disasters that most affect the occupants of a building. In this kind of situation, several questions often cross the mind of the tenant or the owner.

Who is responsible for water damage? Will the insurance reimburse the damage caused by water? Before dealing with all of these housekeeping issues, the water leakage problem must first be addressed. You can hire an Allen texas restoration company to help you fix the damage.

The First Action in Case of Water Damage

Each year, several buildings are victims of water damage. When this disaster occurs, it is advisable first to cut off the water supply. Next, the tenant or landlord should determine the source of the leak if it is visible.

If the water leak comes from the neighbor’s home, he must be notified immediately. If he does not want to cooperate in fixing the problem, notify the building attendant.

Once the leak’s source has been detected, a professional should be contacted to repair the plumbing. Before its arrival, it is recommended to plug the pipes to limit the damage caused by water.

What to do in the event of water damage

To benefit from a reimbursement from the insurance company, the tenant must send an amicable report of water damage within five days of discovering the leak. Without sending this document, the tenant cannot claim compensation from the insurer.

It is also advisable to send the report by registered letter for greater security. The amicable report must be established in 3 specific situations:

  • The leak came from your home and destroyed your interior.
  • It comes from your house and hit the neighbor.
  • The leak came from the neighbor’s home and damaged your home.

The Essential Information in an Amicable Report

The amicable report informs the insurer of the problem of water damage. Therefore, it must contain the cause of the loss, the damage caused and your address. This document also includes leaflets.

These sheets are intended for your insurance and that of the opposing party. They are also intended for owners and the trustee if you are a tenant. The law makes it compulsory for the trustee and the owner to take out insurance. They engage their civil liability if the leak is due to negligence on their part.

How Does the Insurance Determine the Compensation in the Event of Water Damage?

Often, the insurer has the habit of sending an expert to ascertain the extent of the damage. Sending this professional sometimes delays the refund process. The expert only arrives on the scene after several weeks.

This is why it is recommended not to throw anything away and not repair anything except the water leak until the professional has come to do his job. Keep all items damaged by water if you wish to receive substantial compensation.

If the cost of the damage is low, the insurer does not send an expert. He will ask that the insured send the estimate of the repair carried out by a professional. Once he has the estimate in hand, the insurer makes the reimbursement.

Clare Louise