Systems and Tools That’ll Make Every Toronto Electrician’s Job Efficient

In the electrical world, having the right tools is just as important as knowledge and experience. The last two will certainly help you know what you are doing but they won’t protect you from live circuitry or ensure you make the proper connections.

The right tools and systems make sure you work faster, conveniently, and make fewer mistakes. In addition, they will keep you safe from hot circuits and protect your eyes and face against fly-offs, and dangerous sparks.

 So, what are some of the must-have systems and tools for every electrician in Toronto? Here are our best picks.

  1. A Voltage Sniffer

Even after shutting things at the circuit breaker box, it is good practice to double-check the circuit to ensure it is not live before doing any electrical work on it.

Typically, a receptacle tester will get the job done but if its wires are damaged, the tester can give a false negative even when a current is on. This is where a voltage sniffer comes in. Even if it doesn’t make direct contact with outlet prongs and wires, a voltage sniffer can detect the presence of electrical power.

  1. Wire Stripper

A wire stripper plays an important role when it comes to cutting a wire to the right code. It eliminates the need for linesman’s pliers and cabling knives that nick into wires rather than correctly stripping them. With graduated holes along the jaw length, the wire stripper lets you match the specific size you intend on stripping.

  1. An Electrical Contractor App Or Magazine

Toronto electricians can learn plenty of helpful information from electrical contractor magazines and apps. The magazine is a monthly publication run the National Electrical Contractors Association and contains the current news and trends in standards, codes, home, and building automation systems, energy efficiency, and lighting information. Electricians in Toronto can also subscribe to e-newsletters, the print magazine, or download the Android or iPhone app for free.

  1. An Insulated Screwdriver

Another invaluable tool for every electrician in Toronto is an insulated screwdriver. A whole set of insulated drivers is even better. It will enable you to do a wide range of tasks ranging from wall plate installation to mounting of light fixtures and outlet boxes. An insulated screwdriver ensures you are protected in case you make contact with a live circuit.

  1. Protective Eyewear

If you’ve been in the electrical field for a while now, you know that a good set of eyewear is priceless. You regularly come in close proximity to flying sparks, drywall dust, and other kinds of debris that can hurt your eyes. Damaged vision will render you unfit for any future electrical work so take care!

  1. A Hole Saw

Finally, an electrician in Toronto needs a hole saw for specialized jobs such as hanging light fixtures and recessed lighting. Unlike a drywall hole, a hole saw will ensure neat and round cuts on cable pulls.

If you are an electrician, the above tools and systems should continually be close to you. They will make your job easy and so much fun. Besides, they will protect you from the looming danger of being electrocuted. Checkout for better idea.

Paul watson