The 5 Most Expensive Places to Buy Property in Indonesia

Famous for sitting on the Ring of Fire -one of the most volcanically active areas in the whole world- Indonesia is idolised for its immortalisation of Asian culture and beauty. There are no places quite like it, inciting an influx of curious tourists annually. But what if you aren’t a tourist? What if, instead, you were looking to buy some property there in order to enjoy its natural wonders on a more daily basis? It serves to know that nothing is cheap, especially in Indonesia, so here are some of its most expensive cities in which to buy property.

  1. Semarang

This list kicks off with the largest city in all of the Java province, Semarang. It’s not typically rated amongst the most expensive places to live in Indonesia, but what puts it on this list is its slight headway with property prices when compared to other Indonesian cities. The prices of property in the city centre can average at about 21,250,000 Rp (£1,114), but outside of the city centre these prices tend to greatly cheapen to an average of 9,166,666 Rp (£480) per square metre.

  1. Surabaya

The port city of Surabaya, found on the island of Java is often described as a vibrant metropolis, and that’s really the main attraction to the city overall.Many of its designs and architectures are a mixture of modern skyscrapers with some of the styles that were inherited here during its past as a Dutch colony. Property prices get higher here, with city centre housing typically costing about 26,606,847 Rp (£1,395) per square metre. Outside of the City Centre the prices average more around 16,728,217 Rp (£877) per square metre.

  1. Medan

Capital of Indonesia’s Northern Sumatra province is Medan, a city famed for its combination of both the Islamic and European styles in terms of architecture. City centre property prices here will typically average at about 29,000,000 Rp (£1,520) per square metre, whilst outside of the city centre the prices average more around 14,166,666 Rp (£743) per square metre.

  1. Jayapura

Found on the Northern coast of New Guinea island is the city of Jayapura. It’s typically the starting point for those who want to make a journey into the heart of the province of Papua. Here, you’ll find property near the city centre costing a pretty penny – specifically an average of 40,000,000 Rp (£2,098) per square metre. Outside the citycentre, as per usual, prices greatly cheapen. Here you’ll find a much more affordable average of (£840) per square metre.

  1. Jakarta

Jakarta is often renowned as the most expensive city in all of Indonesia, both for its popularity as a tourist destination, and also for its status as the capital of Indonesia. Its architecture, language and cuisine are a fine inspiration of Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European cultures. There’s no finer mix of diversity in the country.Buying property in the city centre will cost about 40,306,905 Rp (£2,225) per square metre, whereas property outside of the city centre will be closer to around 20,307,692 Rp (£1,065) per square metre. It’s a wonderful city to live in, if you can afford it, but it’s definitely not a good place for an impulse buy.

Sheri gill