The Advantages of Pipe Relining your Drains and Sewers

trenchless pipe lining andover ma is one of the last resort when dealing with broken pipes and blockages in your piping systems at home. As pipes age, they are subject to residential sewer line repair canton ga or in this case, pipe relining.

Pipe relining Sydney is the process of installing a resin lining inside pipe systems to remove any crack, leak or damage that the pipe may have accumulated in time. It is a non-invasive method in repairing underground pipes that requires less or no digging works.

There are several advantages in opting for a Trenchless Sewer Lateral Line Repair san francisco ca than a pipe replacement for your old, cracked and leaking drains and sewers at home. Here are some to name a few.

They are Cheaper

Traditional pipe replacement is more costly compared to pipe relining because it is a more labour intensive process and involves a lot of processes. The digging itself is time-consuming and compromises the safety and the daily use of the premises.

Clean up can also be a mess and is as equally time-consuming as the digging process. Pipe relining is much cost-effective, clean and efficient. It does not require digging up anything and after the relining process, the area is left as it was before the relining process.

Less Time Consuming

Pipe relining is faster and takes less time than traditional pipe replacement. In most cases, pipe relining services can be completed in a day, two days maximum especially for household plumbing systems.

More Effective Than Traditional Replacement

Pipe relining is more effective in fixing damaged pipes compared to replacement. In the traditional method, the chances of disturbing the other pipes are high and can lead to damages in the other areas, during the digging process.

To completely do a pipe replacement, digging trenches, dismantling walls and removing concrete slabs takes a lot of time and can create further damages to the piping system. Pipe relining on the other hand is more effective and requires fewer activities. Pipe relining only requires a single access hole to be able to push the resin lining. The material itself is less expensive and more convenient to use.

A Good Prevention and Life Extension Measure

Compared to traditional pipe replacement, pipe relining extends the life span of your plumbing system. A freshly relined pipe can last up to 50 years more and becomes stronger than the original plumbing network that you have.

In older homes, pipe relining is a more effective preventive measure to keep these pipes structurally free from damage. Relining older pipes as early as possible saves you money and worries in the long run. Pipe relining is also the most effective solution to rid of tree roots that are attempting to grow and block your pipes.

Disadvantages of Pipe Relining

Although there are many benefits, pipe relining has its disadvantages too. It is not advisable for crushed pipes as well as pipes that have experienced severe damage due to tree roots penetrating the system.

The best resolve for crushed pipes are replacement and digging is the only access possible in this situation. Pipes that have been displaced significantly also require digging and replacement. If the pipes are too damaged, sagging or beginning to hold and backfall water, replacing these pipes becomes a must.

Pipe relining does not work if there is nothing the resin can cling into. These can be identified by having a CCTV inserted into the drain system to be able to identify the level of damage the pipe already has.

Although there are several innovative ways on how to access a pipe and cutting away obstructions that can allow a smooth pipe relining process, it will require specialist equipment, allowing to breach the gap between the much-damaged pipe to the less damaged ones that are up for relining.

Paul Petersen