Why Permeable Pavers Are a Growing Trend in Outdoor Design


There’s a new shift in society. Conscious consumers are demanding more sustainable solutions as the effects of climate change become more visible. That puts permeable patio paver installation severna park md in an advantageous position, with trendy patio paver design annapolis. You can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals to get permeable pavers installed on your pavements and walkways. Let’s check out why professional paving johnson city, tn are a growing trend in outdoor designs.

The Reasons

  1. Durability – Once you build a pavement, driveway, or walkway with permeable pavers, they are as durable as asphalt and concrete surfaces. In many cases, they are much more durable than concrete and asphalt. They are so durable that they can easily tolerate a load of heavy industrial equipment and vehicles like 18-wheelers, forklifts, and wheel loaders. So, even if you own the largest and beefiest SUV, you don’t need to worry about it damaging your driveway.

Moreover, permeable pavers are like floating surfaces. They have joints and sub-base that make them flexible and move around as the ground under them changes. When frost or extreme high summer temperatures cause the ground to shift and crack, it damages the concrete and asphalt surface. However, that doesn’t happen with permeable pavers. Those joints leave enough room for movement. Since they are permeable, they don’t get pools of water accumulating at the top and damaging the surface either.   

  1. May be temporary – While homeowners look for permanent paving options, the same may not be true for many business owners. As a business owner, you want driveways to be as solid as possible. However, if you’re expecting a lot of traffic and there’s not enough parking on your premises, you may need to extend the driveways temporarily by renting out the next plot. After those high-traffic business days are over, you want to restore the next plot to its previous condition. 

If you try to do that with asphalt or concrete, you’d be spending a lot of money and resources or building the driveway, then excavating and destroying it and flattening the ground to the previous condition. On the other hand, you can make a simpler and temporary driveway out of permeable pavers by laying down a simple gravel bed. After you’re done, all those pavers don’t need to be recycled. They can be directly used at different sites and the rented site is restored to its previous appearance within record time. Everyone wins and costs stay manageable. 

  1. Minimal maintenance – When you build a driveway, walkway, or other such outdoor structures, you want them to last as long as possible with minimal fuss. You want minimal repairs throughout its life and as little maintenance as possible. Permeable pavers offer that and that’s why they are rapidly being adopted by both home and business owners. They have all the advantages of regular pavers. 

That means they are less susceptible to shocks, shifting ground and tolerate a lot of loads, and are less likely to break down. Even when they do break, it’s limited to a few pavers and maybe some shifted subbase. Re-flatten the base and replace the pavers and it’s all back to normal. The water filtration system underneath permeable pavers may get clogged at the joint fillers at some point. However, that can be easily fixed by vacuuming the top and refilling the joints. Even porous concrete and asphalt don’t boast such regenerative abilities.   

  1. Tax breaks – More states and municipalities are enhancing their water conservation efforts and trying to reduce the strain on public water systems. That’s why many of those administrative bodies are providing tax incentives to both businesses and residents. This doesn’t just conserve water but also makes stormwater management easier. Those tax incentives may come as discounts on your water bill, and you get to upgrade your pavements and driveways on the cheap. No wonder permeable pavers have become a growing trend. 
  1. Erosion control – Regions with loose soil benefit greatly from permeable pavers. If your property is on a slope or hill or an arid region, permeable pavers can reduce soil erosion drastically. You’ll be able to retain more topsoil after a heavy downpour and preserve the landscape and nutrients for your plants. 

This kind of erosion control effort does not even require going all out with the installation process. Just laying down paving grids and topping them off with soil and grass seed would get the job done. It allows you to create a more natural look instead of covering your entire landscape with paver tiles. 

  1. Save costs on drainage systems – When you construct a driveway or parking lot out of asphalt or concrete, you must ensure that the area is crowned and has storm pipes and drains to control excess water during flooding or heavy rain. This alone adds to the construction cost and makes it much more expensive. However, that’s not all. You also need to pay extra to obtain permits for laying down those storm pipes. This expense can be easily avoided with permeable pavers. They allow water to drain through the surface and replenish natural aquifers. 
  1. Good for the environment – Permeable pavers are also amazing for the environment. They do not allow water to flush out topsoil and clog out stormwater drains. They provide a much-needed break to the overstressed sewer systems of the city and that’s why cities are offering residents and businesses those tax breaks. You can also go one step further and create a water harvesting system under those pavers for recycling rainwater. This allows you to save a lot of money on lawn irrigation and for other domestic needs.                 


Permeable pavers are not just good for the environment and your property’s sustainability, but also cheaper in the long term. They can also help you mitigate damage to your immediate surroundings and that’s why they have risen in popularity despite their long existence of more than half a century. You can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals to pave your property with permeable pavers.

Paul Petersen