The beneficial role of PVC glue and industrial glue

PVC is polyvinyl chloride, it is a popular thermoplastic. It contains a high amount of chlorine. It is an odorless solid plastic that is white and brittle. PVC glue resins often come in powdered form and it is highly resistant to oxidation and degradation that makes it possible to store the material for a long period. In the health industry, it is used to make blood bags, feeding tubes, and intravenous bags. Common consumer products like raincoats, toys, plastic bags, credit cards, and window frames are also made from PVC.

 When it comes to joining of pipe fittings there you need strong glue, because they are not that much easily attached. In those cases, PVC glue is used a small amount of this glue is enough to attach the pipelines. PVC cement does not come unglued, so it is very important to dry a fit pipe before bonding pieces to see which parts of pipes need adjustment. PVC pipes are a product of modern technology that offers reliable and sustainable services to a variety of users.

How to rejoin pipe with PVC glue

There are some of the steps involved in the attachment of broken pipes with PVC glue;

Cut the PVC pipe

You can cut the PVC pipe with a handsaw. For small pipes, you can utilize pipe cutter which resembles like pruning shears. The pipe must be cut in a straight way at 90 degrees. An angled cut is one of the causes of leaking joints. Since they cannot set the socket perfectly without leakage and another sort of leakage is a rough plastic cut bit left at one side of the pipe. A slight chamfer can also be sanded on the edge of the pipe. This helps the pipe to fit the socket.

Applying PVC primer

This primer comes in round metal cans. The solvent glue is applied to the broken end of the pipe and left for some time. Now, this glue starts to firmly get attached to the pipes holding it together. The glue is applied both outside and inside of the pipe and makes sure that all the broken pieces are connected strongly. Apply the liberal coating of glue to the same area where you have primed.

Fit and hold parts

There will be a limited period within that you should attach the pipe because the glue gets hardened within a few minutes. Industrial glue can also be used to fit the PVC pipes.

PVC applicator

  • Immediately after the glue is applied to the pipe, fit the parts together so they are about to ¼ got aligned.
  • Then turn the pipes to the side of aligned mark lines, while pushing the parts together so that the pipe stays bottomed out in the fitting socket. This rotation ensures that the glue is fully got distributed for the leak-free point.
  • Hold the part for about 15- 30 seconds with the help of rag wipe the excess amount of primer and glue. An alternative option for attaching PVC pipes is industrial glue.

Above mentioned is the method used to attach the PVC pipelines. This will be helpful for you to fix the broken pipes in the right way

Edith Lindsay