5 Housewarming Gift ideas for loved ones

Homeowners mostly remain eager to welcome their friends and families for a housewarming party after receiving the possession of their new property. In the recent past, if any of your friends or family member has brought a new property and have invited you for a housewarming party then definitely you should visit them with a gift. The home decor items at Living.ca can be a perfect place where you can receive specialized guide to select any relevant gift from a plethora of options.

Let’s explore some of the most fascinating housewarming gift ideas


Showpieces are of various types and prices. You can select the one considering the taste of the giver and receiver. Definitely, known as a classy housewarming gift that people loves to receive. If you have a fascination for collecting diver models made out of sculpting rocks or mud- you’ll prefer to get a similar piece for your friend who can also exhibit it in the sitting area to drag the attention of the visitors. A tasteful gift also portrait the aesthetic excellence of the giver.

A portrait or painting

Many prefer to get a canvas with an original painting or an impression of the original as a mark of friendly gesture to the host. If for who you’re shopping is a person with an intricate passion for arts, you can bring a painting or a printed one as a perfect memento for observing the housewarming party.


Books stand apart from any gift. Therefore, if you’re a voracious reader, then consider gifting the person with a good book that he/she would love to go through. Make sure, that the person to whom you’re about to give the book has a taste for good readable. Try to get a book from the favorite genre the person so that he/she will really appreciate your efforts for finding and buying them the book.

A bottle of champagne

A bottle of champagne or a vintage bottle of old wine is always a classic example of a perfect gift. You can bring one to your friend’s housewarming gathering with your unique taste of gifting.

Any essential decorative

Get a bed cover, table drape or a small cutlery set that the receiver could use in the new house. A couple coffee mug is also a cute gesture to showcase your concern for the couple with a new nest.

Try out these housewarming gift ideas for your loved ones.

Edith Lindsay