What’s Waiting For Me In Toronto If I Choose To Buy A Home There?


It’s a big decision to move with a lot of different considerations. If you’re pondering the question of whether or not to move to Toronto, then you might also be wondering what benefits there are to living in that great city. Let’s discuss just a few of the perks of living in Toronto:

The thing that might worry you the most but shouldn’t is the crime rate. The common misconception is that, because it’s the biggest city in Canada (as of the last census it was listed a six point two million), it must have high crime rates. We know that you’re picturing police sirens and massive gang wars, but the crime rate in Toronto is actually quite low. So, don’t worry, it’s really quite safe to live there!

If you’re looking for culture, then you are definitely looking at the perfect place to live. Toronto, especially in the downtown area, is full of places putting on plays and all sorts of events. If you’re in the mood for a movie, then there is always a big Cineplex somewhere in your local area that could be a short drive or even just a walk away!

For anyone looking to have a nice cup of gourmet coffee or to experience the nightlife, Toronto is second to none in Canada. There is everything to multi-tiered bars like the Pilot, to quaint pubs and dance floors. There are entire sections of the downtown that are simply stuffed with all kinds of venues, ensuring that you can go on an exciting pub crawl the entire night! If you’re looking to book a party bus or a limo, there are also plenty of companies to choose from.

Every community in Toronto also boasts a very healthy number of local cafes, in addition to Canadian favorites like Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, and Second Cup. There are some nice ones in the Waterfront District which boast an incredible view of Lake Ontario while you relax with a mochaccino!

There are also all the local places to stop and spend some of your time. Fort York is one of many great places to take in a little bit of history in addition to many museums, including the Toronto Railway Museum. 

You can even take in a bit of entertainment by visiting one of the many wharves along Lake Ontario to see the ships. And, then there is Toronto Island. There, you can walk along green paths and visit local marinas, or you can spend the day at the amusement park there!

For a more charming, nostalgic experience, you can also stop in at the Distillery District, which is an old Victorian factory that’s been converted into shops, cafes, and pubs. If you can’t stand to leave, there are even condominiums there, as well.

As you can see, if you’re ever wondering what you would do in Toronto, realize that there is enough to keep you entertained for a lifetime!




Paul watson