Why Your Homes Exterior Must be Inspected

A home’s exterior is constantly exposed to nature’s whims. The possibility of damage to the outer walls, shrinking caulking, and thinning paint have consequences on the property’s integrity, whether new or over a hundred years old. An exterior home inspection should show you how much damage the house’s shell has. If you’re living in the Sunshine State, a Florida home inspection report helps determine a property’s current conditions.

This article will discuss why it’s crucial to inspect a home’s exterior thoroughly.

Wood Damage

Most houses have trims, soffits, and fascias constructed out of wood. When there is damage to the wood, it will start to accelerate, making much of the components susceptible to the elements. Water will enter the wall cavity through worn-out window sills and trims, causing structural damage. A home inspector should provide detailed information on maintenance and repair and cost estimates on any damage to wooden components.

Condition of the Exterior Cladding

Cracked mortar in the brick veneer can signify shifting or moving foundations that are dangerous and will need immediate action.

The siding should also be thoroughly inspected due to its susceptibility to moisture damage, which might cause water to enter the wall cavity. Additionally, a home inspector will examine if the siding is installed correctly to avoid the voiding of warranties and premature decay.

Signs of Asbestos

It is a very known fact that asbestos is a dangerous substance. A home inspector must identify signs of asbestos and advise on how to manage the mineral properly, should there be any.

Paint Condition

Because of continuous exposure to the elements, the house’s paint may start thinning. Deteriorated paint will lead to wood rot even in new homes, so some buyers might get frustrated with the paint job and wood replacements needed to make the home safe. A home inspector will not only point these issues out, but they’ll also recommend which parts of the house should be painted to prevent decay and maintain appearance.

Doors and Windows Functionality

Windows and doors allow you to see through the house and protect you from the outside. While they are a part of the exterior home inspection process, they are examined from the interior to determine their functionality and condition. A home inspector will see if they are working efficiently, have insulation and screens, and are in good condition. Additionally, the doors are scrutinized for their safety and security.

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Paul Petersen