5 Questions to Ask Your Window Installer

Whether you need window replacements, a new installation or have a custom window design in mind, selecting a good contractor ensures quality work and timely job completion. To find the best of the best, ask these questions of your window installer and follow up on information provided.

1. Is the Company Insured?

Comprehensive liability insurance along with workers compensation coverage protects you from being liable for damage and injuries that may result from the project. Uninsured contractors may be cheaper because they cut this vital corner, which means they likely cut corners elsewhere.

2. Is the Company Licensed?

Licensing helps you ensure that the workers have a certain level of knowledge and professionalism, which is in your best interest as a customer. Many states don’t require licensing, so you’ll want to check your locality’s legal demands.

3. Can Previous Customers References Be Confirmed?

Referrals from previous jobs can be useful, but the sad fact is that many potential customers don’t actually confirm their validity. Take time to actually contact references provided by the company and ask questions about the contractor’s timeliness, professionalism, cleanliness, and responsiveness to concerns and requests.

4. How Long is Workmanship Warrantied?

Your windows will likely enjoy a ten-year or longer warranty provided by the manufacturer for any product defects. In turn, quality window contractors should stand behind their work with a solid warranty on their work. Most issues with workmanship will likely show up quickly, but longer warranties are better.

5. Can You Create a Custom Window?

If you are interested in having one or more custom window installation, be sure to inquire whether the contractors with the company have the skills and tools to make your vision a reality. Custom windows can give any home a unique appeal that reflects your personal style and needs.

Paul Petersen