4 ways to add a heat source to your garage

On a freezing winter day, there’s nothing worse than leaving your heated home to get into a freezing cold car. That’s why many homeowners that have a garage are taking their same home heating concept and using it within their garages. For those who can’t afford to add central heat to their garage, here are 5 ways you can add a heat source without breaking the bank.

Add extra insulation

Probably the most cost-effective way to heat your garage is by adding extra insulation to your foundation. By adding an extra layer of insulation or by replacing old insulation that’s no longer efficient you can help keep your vehicle and other stored items warm when it’s frigid out.

Forced air

Another way to add heat to your garage is by adding a forced air unit. This is similar to a mini-split unit you’d use in a window during the summer but goes inside your garage to produce heat instead.

Get a space heater

A cheaper alternative to heating your garage is by getting a space heater that will heat the square footage required. With space heaters, you need to make sure you don’t leave them on at all times, or they can become a fire hazard. If you have questions or want to make sure you use a space heater that’s equipped to work as you anticipate, contact your local heating company to discuss options.

In-floor heating

Probably the most expensive way to add a heat source on this list is by adding in-floor heating to your garage. This will require you to tear up your current flooring and add heated piping and then add the flooring back to the building. If this is something you plan on doing, you’ll want to plan it months in advance so you’re not working on the project during the winter months

Paul Petersen