7 Days Candles and their Utilities

Do you know what 7 days candles are? These are special types of candles which are placed inside a jar, which can burn for almost 7 days. These candles are usually made of beeswax; however, other elements like paraffin and soy are also used in the making of these candles. The reason why these candles are placed inside a jar is because they come with melting wax, which enables the candles to remain lit up for a long span of time.  Often, these candles are used in different kinds of rituals; however, they can also be used for mere decorative purposes; which is quite a common practice. If you are looking to buy these candles, then they are available in a wide range of different types of colors. It needs to be mentioned in this regard that when it comes to 7 day candles, specific colors are used to represent certain emotions and messages. For instance; protection, love, health, wealth energy, astral travel and others. Often, different types of natural extracts like herbs, crystals and oils are used in these candles. Are you planning to buy them? If you are, then you can have a look at the online stores. There are multiple different varieties of these candles that are available these days.

Are these Candles Safe?

This a very relevant and valid question to ask, especially, when these candles can burn for 7 days at a stretch. Although these candles are meant to burn for 7 days; however, there are questions raised related to the safety issues. People often express their fear that these candles can cause major accidents, if they are left unattended, with nobody is around. This s a serious concern, and if you are using these candles, in that case, you need to take care that proper protective measures are taken so that nothing of this sort happens.

Which are the Best Places to keep these Candles?

If you are planning to use these candles, in that case, there are certain specific areas in your home, where you can keep them to get the best of results. For instance, they can be kept near a fireplace. Besides, having them near your bathtub, which you are bathing can offer a feeling of peace and tranquillity. They can also be kept on the sink.

Are they any Good?

The use of these candles is very popular all over the world. Keeping aside the religious and spiritual aspect; the utility of these candles is quite high, as they can burn at a stretch for 7 days. Besides, these candles also generate an aroma; which creates a special environment inside the interior of your home.

Are you planning to buy  a few of them? If that’s what you have in mind, in that case, as mentioned, the online stores would be the best options for you. They have a wide range of different types of these items available, in terms of size, color and various other features. Run a search over the internet, to find some of the best online stores for these candles.

Kathy McDonough