A Guide to Choose the Best Paint Colors for Your Kid’s Room

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However, while painting your house, one of the most challenging areas to choose a color for is your child’s room or nursery. 

While you can simply opt for a greige or cream theme, it might not be ideal for your child’s room. 

Here are a few simple tips on how you can choose the best paint colors for your kid’s room. 

  • Decide the Overall Feel and Vibe of the Room

Kids might not be as well versed with design language and may not be the best judge of the room’s overall vibe. 

So, you must determine after understanding their requirements and conclude the overall look and feel of the room. 

Many children often want to create space with vibrant colors and design in their rooms, but some, on the other hand, prefer a simple theme. 

Sit with the child, walk them through the available options, and consider their insights into your decision-making process. 

  • Choose a Color

Choosing a color is quite challenging, especially when you involve kids in decision-making since there are many options. Moreover, involving them when choosing the color for their room is important, as they will be happier and more satisfied with the outcome. 

You can also consult the best North Shore Painters and service providers as they know the best colors suitable for your room. They use premium fresh coat paint for beautiful, long-lasting results.

  • Be Open to Change

You must be open to changing the theme and experimenting with this particular room as it is a kid’s room, and keeping it interesting will make them happier. 

So, even if your home’s design language is quite simple and minimal, you can go all out and experiment with your child’s room. 

Consult the painting service provider, and other than simply painting the walls with colors, you can also opt for designs. 

Designer paint, such as striping or using texture, is fun. Textured paint will add some space to the room and create visual drama on the walls to make them look more appealing. 

Moreover, stripes and other paints add a flair to the room and will break the monotony. 

You can even consider doing an accent wall in the kid’s bedroom. If all the walls are cream, you color the wall behind their bed blue to highlight it. 

So, if you want to design the best kid’s room, you must include them in the decision-making process to ensure they will like the space once it’s done.


Peach Salin