Timber Or Vinyl Flooring: 4 Things To Consider Before Choosing One

Choosing between timber or vinyl flooring at the right price in Singapore is challenging for homeowners. Imagine the variety of brands in the market that claim to offer the same thing, the pros & cons surrounding them, and the endless questions you have because owning a home is a long-term commitment. Explore these factors to consider before getting the material of your choice:


Always take into account the home structure or where it stands. Do you have a single-attached home on a lot? Or do you live in a luxurious one-bedroom flat in the city? Whatever house you reside in, always consider this because there might be limitations as to what you can choose. (For example, check with the developer if you can use timber decking on the balcony.)


You might be thinking of timber flooring for your outdoor areas because of their quality and durability. However, consider the weather conditions before diving into things. Explore your options on treatment and other chemicals to prevent rotting or other solutions that make it withstand harsh environmental conditions, if ever.


Some flooring materials are more expensive than others because of their quality, demand, and other factors. With this, always consider your financial capacity before choosing a material. For instance, if vinyl tiles in Singapore are more cost-effective than going with their premium counterparts, consider them because you would not want to spend beyond your means.


The best vinyl flooring in Singapore requires proper maintenance and other care techniques. If you are someone who prefers having an easy life, rely your choice on this information because materials that need extra care are not for you. Of course, you want to make the most of your investment.

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Edith Lindsay