Clearabee Actively Supports Rubbish Removal in London

According to the Mayor’s Recycling and Reduction Plan, London is looking to reduce food waste and related packaging waste by half per person by 2030. What’s more, London is aiming to achieve a 65% waste recycling level by 2030 and to manage 100% of all generated waste by 2026. To reach these ambitious targets, local authorities and neighbourhood associations are stepping up.

You’ll find that most of the 10 million people in London are participating in different neighbourhood beautification projects to get rid of rubbish. But they’re not alone. Clearbee, which is a leading rubbish removal company in the UK, is actively serving London’s population in the beautification movement.

What Does Neighbourhood Beautification Mean?

A neighbourhood beautification project aims to transform old buildings and gardens into liveable spaces and to clean up communal spaces such as parks, roadways, and kerbside ditches. It comes down to improving the community’s quality of life. Because of the many factors involved, you won’t find a fixed definition of what a beautiful neighbourhood means. But it’s not enough to have just one or two households cleaning up their rubbish and sending it for recycling. It’s a common effort and requires the participation of London’s entire population. Beside rubbish, there’s a wide variety of organic waste, plastic waste and old electronics, which require specialized rubbish removal services in London. Clearbee is working side-by-side with London’s residents to dispose of rubbish in the most optimal way and with the least environmental impact.

Construction Development Rubbish

Rubbish removal London also extends to construction sites. Considering its one of the world’s fastest developing cities, London has a high construction rate. Although construction and infrastructure development are keys to the city’s growth, they also produce huge amounts of rubbish. While under development and after completion, every construction site requires regular clean up to make sure that the surrounding neighbourhood isn’t damaged. However, the rubbish produced by commercial developments is mostly inorganic, comprising metals, glass, and concrete. And Clearbee, which has a track record of diverting 90% of waste from landfills, is a reliable partner for rubbish removal London.

About London’s Gardens

When it comes to gardens, rubbish removal London is performed at a lower scale. That’s because you’re mostly dealing with green waste. Although some households have other forms of rubbish including outdoor furniture, the amount of waste doesn’t add up to huge quantities. However, beautification projects involve all households to participate in rubbish removal London. It’s a program, which involves improving the neighbourhood’s quality of life. So, a collective effort is required.

The Reasons for London’s Beautification

Community beautification involves clean-up campaigns. But not only for aesthetic reasons. It’s a movement also aiming at improving the health and safety of London’s population. Cleanliness can start with your home and garden as every resident should know how to efficiently dispose of rubbish. And it extends to communal areas such as kerbsides, parks or public buildings. Each Londoner must be responsible to not only maintain his home and garden clean but also the surrounding areas. And with the help of professionals such as Clearbee, it’s a streamlined process.

Moreover, safety concerns are related to old and damaged buildings, which create undesirable and hazardous environments. For example, children use abandoned sites as play areas. To prevent this, neighbourhoods can request local authorities to either transform them into liveable spaces or demolish them.

Wrapping It Up

London’s neighbourhood beautification projects aim to strengthen the community’s environmental responsibility and to improve the lives of London’s residents. And with professional and efficient rubbish removal partners such as Clearabee, all Londoners can easily participate in making it one of the cleanest and most attractive cities worldwide.


Kathy McDonough