Everything About Architecture, in Brief, You Should Know

The most basic, complicated and challenging question often asked to students of architecture or architects ask themselves is “what is architecture”? It is a fundamental question because it needs a philosophical or conceptual answer, and the basic understanding about architecture is “it is both an art and science”. The question about architecture is complex and complicated because often architecture is mixed up with designing and many people do not understand the difference between architecture and designing. As a matter of fact, designing is part and parcel of designing. Architecture is a challenging question because it involves plenty of aspects such as architecture turns abstract to real or ideas put into reality, it involves engineering, safety, function, climate, economy etc. However, architecture is a profession of designing spaces, building, open areas, artificial constructions and environment, communities along with restoration, supervision of construction work. Get the best architectural design by architecte usine Stendel Reich as well as all your necessary architectural construction assistance.

The most notable book on architecture named “treatise De architectura” was first written by the Roman architect Vitruvius in the 1st century BC. The treatise De architectura is divided into 10 books mainly dealing with general architecture like town planning, building materials, public buildings, temple construction, hydraulics, clocks, private building, military and civil works etc. The treatise De architectura has been used by the ancient Romans, medieval and contemporary students of the architecture as one of the base text for understanding and implementing architecture.

residential architecture grayslake il is everywhere beginning from home to school, hospital, office, supermarket and whatever construction you see built for a purpose. In a simpler understanding, architecture is the art and science of designing and constructing the buildings and other physical structures for the use of people. It involves town planning, landscape architecture, urban designing, home and other building constructions as well as furniture etc. Architecture is driven by positive manipulation of mass, volume, space, light, texture, shadow, materials and other elements like cost, technology and construction. It is an art because it is aesthetic and artistic. The architecture is also a science because it involves mathematics and technology. Finally, architecture is always a flourishing business from ancient human civilization to contemporary modern society.

Use of scientific methods and technology make the architecture special, significant and spectacular. The best evidence of this is the pyramids constructed by the Egyptian architects which still stand splendid and immortal. Above all, architecture not only deals with construction but also deals with health and medical science, environment, and security.

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