Explore the Finest Options for the Proper Insulation

Apartment on the first floor is practical for families with children, the elderly and disabled. Residents feel an increase in humidity in the rooms from the floor. For comfortable conditions in winter, the floor will be warmed inside.

What options are used

Make waterproofing from the basement.

Insulation in the room

The basic concrete slabs function as a ceiling in the basement having a complex communication system. They absorb moisture from them. By agreeing on the company’s management action plan, it produces insulation and waterproofing from concrete. This will protect a portion of the ground floor from evaporation and drafts coming from below. From the Underfloor Insulation Company this is the best deal now.

The work process in the apartment starts with waterproofing from a concrete base. The list of subsequent actions depends on the type of finishing floor.

Gradual insulation of the cellar ceiling

The base of the ceiling is mashed for reinforced concrete.

Rub the cracks with a solution of cement with sand in a ratio of 1: 1. Adding molten glass to the composition enhances this effect.

Cement and cement sand in a ratio of 3: 1. The number of binding components (water) depends on the viscosity and temperature conditions. The solution is kneaded in small portions, avoiding fast freezing. To improve adhesion, the first layer is covered with a trowel, adding the mixture and leveling it.

  • Using liquid rubber, as waterproofing, get a reliable primer and plaster at the same time.
  • As long as the room is cold, glue foam sheets on the ceiling. The stitches are filled with foam.
  • Finishing works with films. It is attached to the wall.
  • Electric wire heater.
  • The floor is heated from hot water.
  • Mats and plates made from environmentally friendly materials.

Preparation of the floor base in the apartment

Floor insulation work is carried out directly on reinforced concrete slabs. Lumps and dust removed from him.

Before screed with a solution of cement and sand, in a ratio of 1: 1, the surface is moistened. This will ensure rapid adhesion from the mixture to the concrete.

Overwrite the gaps around, and cracks throughout the area. This is done before applying the application of the primary composition which ensures contact leveling the mixture with the floor.

Primary Base


The second name of the composition is primary epoxy, which has the ability to penetrate deep into concrete. Place the components on the coupler with a roller. On the perimeter of the basic work with a brush, space not allowed. This type of primer is effective for adhesion with self-leveling floors, preventing mold formation and moisture penetration.

Concrete Contact

This is an acrylic composition with quartz sand. This is applied with a roller and brush. After the primer, a rough surface forms on the substrate, ensuring close contact with the next layer. Acrylic in composition, makes the film resistant to moisture entering into concrete. 

The order of filling and aligning

To work with high quality and spend less time, use a ready-made composition. The most practical is the floor self-leveling self-leveling. Before applying them, the level determines the height of the beacon, attach them every 60 centimeters in the entire area and perimeter. According to the label, they tighten the reinforced mesh. At the point of contact with the wall, repair the film, protect it from moisture from the composition of the contents.

Edith Lindsay