How to Create More Space in Your House

Are you remodeling your home and want to create more space? Open and declutter houses are more organized and clean, and also, there are never enough storage spaces. Create more space in your house and you don’t have to move to a bigger place and spend more money.

If your budget is not that big, don’t worry, there are a lot of ways to save money on home renovation and spend it on something else. No matter what size of your home is, it always can be “bigger”. Most people have a bunch of unnecessary items or items they don’t use the entire year. For example, Christmas decorations, old kids’ toys, and clothing, beach items, etc.  Luckily, there is plenty of solution for making more space in the house and decorating it.

Tips for creating more space in a home

Do you need simple tips and ideas on how to create more space in your house? Today, it is easier to get information about home design. If you want to do it by yourself, be prepared and know what you want. Here are some of the ideas you can use.

Open entryway

The first thing you and your guest see in the house is your entryway. So, keep it organized with a bench, that can be a storage space at the same time (when you open it), and ad some extra hooks on the walls for jackets.

The first impression is important; don’t clutter the entry of your house with clothes and shoes

Add shelves on walls and think vertically

You can add shelves in every room in the house, even in the living room. There you can put books, decorations, dishes, photos, etc. Your middle of a room will be free, and you will have more space for sure. It is simple to do and cheap too.

Use the walls for storage. Shelves are a cheap way to create more space

Orgnize bathroom and kitchen

When it comes to the bathroom, you should keep baskets under the sink or behind the door. Bathroom remodeling is not always necessary to create more space. A shoe organizer can be used for makeup, and other accessories. Roll up your towels, so they won’t use too much space.

Keep your kitchen’s counterspace organized and put small appliances you are using often such as coffee maker or toaster. Hang pots and if you are able, create more cabinets.

Kitchen is the heart of every home, where your family is together

Organizing a bedroom

Your bedroom can be at the same time, your office space too. Give rooms multiple purposes. Time after time, clean your closet; there are many clothes you are not wearing, for sure. Donate some of your clothing and you will have more space. Use the space under the bed to store items you are not using that often.

A bedroom doesn’t have to be just a bedroom try to think differently and use a room for other purposes

Hiring a professional home organizer

The easiest solution for decluttering and opening up your house is to hire a professional home (interior), designer. This way, you don’t have to worry and work. A professional will give you different innovative kitchen designs, help you organize and create more storage, decorate the entire house, etc. If you don’t know where to start or don’t have time to create more space in your house, hire someone who knows and can.

Create more space in your house by renting a storage unit

Yes, you can store your items in ottoman, under the bed, to create more shelves on the wall. But, what to go if it is not enough? What to do if you want even more open and free space?

By renting a storage unit, you can have a clean and decluttered house. Almost every city in the USA has a storage space you can rent for a very affordable price. For example, if you need storage space in Powell, Columbus, it shouldn’t be complicated and hard to get one.

Before you rent it, calculate how much items you have to store. Renting bigger storage than needed will cost more. Or, on the other hand, if you choose a smaller space, there won’t be enough room. Store everything you don’t use often, and you will have more space in the house.

If you need a bigger house – move out

You don’t have to move far away to get a dream house. Maybe it is in your current neighborhood. Don’t create more space in your house for any price. Be realistic and know what you canaccomplish, and what is impossible to do. If you are owning your home, increase value and sell it. Relocation doesn’t have to be expensive and something you can’t afford. Choose a reliable and experienced company as Zippy Shell Columbus. Find a good real estate agent, a moving company, and move to a bigger place.

Search for a different, new house, if you can’t organize your current one because of its size

Sometimes, it is not enough just to create more space. Especially if your family is getting bigger and you are expecting a baby or babies. Maybe it is time to move a house, not only to remodel it.

After you created enough space

Try not to collect unnecessary items and keep the house decluttered. If you rented a storage facility, store items there. It is not enough just to create more space in your house; you need to make sure to keep it that way. Many people said that renovation helped them to start a new life and change some habits.





Paul Petersen