Few Myths about Carpet Restoration

Usually, people think that carpet restoration is a difficult task. However, a professional carpet cleaning company can do it without any difficulty.

The following are a few myths about carpet restoration which often makes us believe that carpet restoration is impossible to do without taking help from Perth carpet cleaner.

  1. Vacuuming once in a week is sufficient

Most people believe that vacuuming the carpets once in a week is sufficient however as per Environmental Protection Agency homeowners must vacuum daily if they want to keep it free from debris and insects.

  1. Steam cleaning may harm your carpet

Many people often think carpet fibres cannot resist heat and hence it may burn if hot steam is applied to it, which is possible only if you employ an unprofessional cleaner. An experienced cleaner can use steam properly and will be able to clean.

  1. Deodorizer can keep carpets fresh

Carpet deodorizing powder may theoretically keep your carpet fresh and pleasant smelling but it can cause damage to the carpet and not worth trying. The deodorizer may remain stuck with your carpet if you do not vacuum clean it.

  1. Flooded carpets will dry out themselves

Though your wet carpet will eventually get dried in due course of time however any water damage must be immediately treated by a professional carpet cleaner within 48 hours.

  1. If pet soils the carpets, it needs to be replaced

People often think that once your pet has soiled your carpets, then it has to be completely replaced which is not really true. Only in certain extreme cases, you may need replacement.

  1. A carpet must be cleaned only after five years

It is very foolish to think that the carpet should be cleaned once in 5 years. It can accumulate lots of dust and debris that can be a health hazard for your pets and children.

  1. Professional carpet cleaners will charge very high

It is a myth that professional carpet cleaning is expensive. They have better cleaning equipment which can help in cleaning very efficiently at affordable prices.

  1. Stain proof carpets will not need any cleaning

As a matter of fact, no carpet is stain-proof and therefore if you intend to buy a new carpet then you are falling for a marketing trap.

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