Good ToKnow Things About Moths

Moths are nocturnal fliers found at various places on earth. Commonly you will find moths in the house and the gardens. They are surprisingly diverse in size, shape, and color. In the US alone, there are more than 11000 species of moths.

It is a fact that moths can be harmful as they eat up foods and clothes, but there are several ecologic benefits of moths. They help in pollinating plants and feeding bats, birds, and people all over the globe.

Fascinating Things About The Moths

Here are some of the amazing facts about a moth that you might not know yet.

  • Moths Can Mimic Wisely– Some types of moths are well known for their ability to imitate other animals. They have mastered the art of looking like less edible insects like tarantulas and wasps. This saves them from being eaten up. Some skilled moths can impersonate bird droppings.
  • They Are Essential Pollinators– Some moths like corn earworms are known as agricultural pests. However, many others are crucial pollinators. The hairy body of the moths makes them a great pollinator. They can pick pollen grains from any flower they sit on. Moth-pollinated flowers are white and have a good fragrance.
  • Most Of The Adult Moths Do Not Eat– Some moth variants suck nectar from the flowers. However, many of them do not consume anything. An adult Luna moth does not have a mouth to eat. After emerging from the cocoon, it lives only for a week. It is born to mate and lay eggs.
  • Moths Are Food For Many Animals– As moths are available abundantly on the earth, they are the major sources of food for several animals. Some of the moths have evolved various defensive strategies to fight back. The nesting birds feed their insects to their young children and caterpillars make a significant part of it.
  • They Are Expert Sniffers– Moths do not have noses, but are experts in sniffing. They can detect the odor with the help of their antennae instead of their nostrils. The giant male moths have huge antennas and they can smell the odor of female moths from 11 kilometers.

Moths are of various types and the things mentioned here might not be the same in every moth. The clothes moths are widely found inside your closet and can be harmful to your woolen clothes. You can just get rid of them by calling up the moth removal services.

Peach Salin