Why Is Dust Mite Spray Used?

Many allergens can be found both inside our homes and in the atmosphere outside. These allergens may be natural, such as pollen, or man-made, such as latex. Few of these allergens reside and continue to thrive in our homes. They can live in any part of our house such as the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else. 

They are commonly referred to as dust mites. As mites grow, their skin sheds and you can’t see them with naked eyes. These skin sheds are recognized as allergens, and those who are allergic to them may have a severe issue. Dust mites, along with their urine, are the second most common allergen to humans.

Why Should You Treat Dust Mites?

If you wish to live in clean and healthy surroundings, then you must take measures to control dust mite-friendly conditions in your home. Furthermore, the dust mite and dust mite allergen reduction products and equipment can also function on a variety of other pests and allergens.

How To Treat Dust Mites?

There are many strategies to deal with dust mites so that they may have less impact. Among various other methods, one of the best ways to treat dust mites is by using Dust-mite spray ( เปร ย์ ดัน ฝุ่น, which is the term in Thai). The spray is very effective in treating dust mites. 

The various types of Dust mite spray consist of an aerosol spray which is best suited for small spaces or rooms. It is very easy to use. You can apply it over beds, mattresses, or even over pillows as it is safe.

You may also choose Bedlam to apply over furniture to keep them free from dust mites.  

Steri Fab spray is another Dust-mite spray that is a ready-to-use spray. Also, you can apply it on bedding, furniture, and carpets without causing harm. Since it’s based on alcohol, it’s fast to act and dry. The spray kills the mites as soon as they come in contact with it. If you want a more concentrated dust mite spray, then you may opt for Onslaught. It is an odorless one. But, you cannot apply this spray over pillows, beds, etc. 

How Can You Use The Dust-Mite Spray Liquids For A Larger Space? 

For large-scale treatment, you can use a good pump sprayer that will help, and optional trigger sprayers will be sufficient. 

Paul Petersen