How Customizable Are Roller Shades

Roller shades have a place in everyone’s home, no matter what their style or taste. This is because they are completely customizable. They are one of the most customizable window treatments, providing functionality, comfort and design. Also known as solar shades, roller shades are the perfect choice for a sunny room. They can block out up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, while still letting in a comfortable amount of light. You can control how much light you let in by the fabric choice and opacity that you choose.

Roller shades can also be customized to fit any window in your home. Whether you need an inside or outside mount, roller shades can be made to fit your window perfectly. Here are several factors that come into play when deciding how customizable your roller shade is.

These factors include:

Fabric color

The fabric on roller shades is not customizable. However, there are a lot of different colors, patterns, and texture available. For example, there are solid colors as well as patterns like stripes and spots. Some fabrics offer different textures too. These can be very sleek and smooth or rather rough and textured, for example.

Size of the roller shade’s tube

The size of the roller shade’s tube – the cylinder that wraps around the fabric – can alter the amount of light coming through your window. Generally speaking, a larger tube allows less light to come through than a smaller tube would allow. This means you can customize the level of light you want coming in through each window by choosing different sized tubes for each window.

The size of the bottom cover

When it comes to customizing your roller shade’s bottom cover, there are three options available: clear plastic cap, metal cap, and fabric cap. The clear plastic cap offers full view-through and no decorative element. Both metal and fabric caps offer some degree of view-through but also add some decoration to your window. If you choose a fabric cap, you can opt for one that matches or complements the fabric on your roller shade. In addition, you have the option of adding a valance to the bottom of your shade for extra decoration.

Bead chain or motorized options

The bead chain on a roller shade is the pull cord that allows you to raise and lower the shade. This type of cord can be customized with a jute or cloth cover – which can be useful in areas where children are present, as the cover can help prevent breakage of the cord. The cover is also available in many different colors and patterns, so it can be used as a design statement in your home.

Motorized options are also available for roller shades. These options give you the ability to program your shades to open and close at specific times, or even to raise and lower at the touch of a button on your cell phone or tablet.

The size of the side channels

The side channels refer to the sides of the shade that hold it up against the track on either side of the window opening. These channels can either be metal or fabric, depending on the material used for the shade itself. Choosing metal side channels allows for easier adjustment of light levels and privacy during installation. However, metal side channels are not as durable as fabric ones and may need to be replaced more often over time. Fabric side channels are stronger but harder to fit into smaller windows because they take up more space than a metal side channel would.


The standout feature that makes roller shades a popular window treatment option is: it is super easy to customize them. Whether you want a blackout roller curtain, a solar screen, or a sheer fabric, you can get it all. In fact, many of them are available at affordable prices.

Edith Lindsay