How to make Money by Investing on Pre-construction Homes

Investing in land asset especially on a residential property is a good way to earn more money. Presently, investors prefer to invest money in preconstructed homes as it seems to be a profitable venture compared to buying new or old fully constructed home.

Why it is profitable?

  • They are cheaper compared to buying fully constructed homes.
  • Payment mode is flexible, thus you can negotiate the way you prefer to pay such as in monthly instalments unlike paying in one term for completely constructed house.
  • Easy to resell as newly constructed homes earn a high price later on. 

These are the prime reasons for Canadians to invest in pre construction homes. However, due to some factors buying homes for reselling isn’t quite profitable.  This negligence may occur due to unawareness that results in not gaining required capital while the house is resold. 

Here are tips to follow while buying pre constructing home as a good investment:

  • Know more about the builder – There are chances of dropping the whole project in between, resulting in your money getting stuck. Hence, the need to know the creditability of the builder is important before booking the pre construction home. 
  • Location matters – To invest in pre built homes in a prime location will bring in high returns compared to investing on homes yet to be completed that is located in far off places. 
  • Be aware of the other costs involved. Often while booking for chosen pre constructed home, buyer forgets the other cost involved like taxes, mortgage interest and payment for legal authorization. It spoils the budget as you need to pay excessively to have complete possession of the new home. 
  • Sell to the right customer – Often sellers sell to the first person ready to buy their home and are even ready for flexible payment conditions. This is not a beneficial way to sell your property. Wait a bit longer and after checking the financial condition and reliability of the buyer, try to sell if you get the desired sale price.

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Edith Lindsay