How to Schedule Residential Dumpster Rentals

If you need to rent roll off dumpsters kerrville tx, what you choose will depend on the type of debris you need to remove. You can schedule the rental easily online or call for further details. When renting a dumpster, you’ll need to determine the time frame for use as well as where you’ll need to place the conveyance.

Scheduling Residential Rentals: Making a Choice

You can choose from a range of sizes, which are given in yards. For example, when you schedule residential dumpster rentals, you might choose the smallest size, which is the 3-yard size.  This dumpster holds a weight capacity of 800 pounds and is great for cleaning out a house or for light home improvements. Pick this dumpster if you are getting rid of office or household trash, drywall, or wood.

You can’t rent this size dumpster to get rid of large pieces of furniture, concrete, grass, bricks, ceramic tiles, tires, paint, or heavy or hazardous materials. 

Getting Rid of Heavier Materials

To get rid of the heavier stuff, you have to go up to a larger size, such as the 6-yard dumpster. 

This dumpster, called a lowboy, is useful for getting rid of the material after a demolition or landscaping project. You can use the dumpster for removing ceramic tiles, dry concrete, dirt, asphalt, bricks, and plaster.

Do You Need to Clean Out Your Garage?

If you want to clean out your garage, you might consider renting a 10-yard dumpster. This dumpster can hold up to a whopping 1.5 tons of weight. You’re assessed an overweight fee if you go over that amount. 

You can’t use the dumpster for hauling concrete, electronics, televisions, dirt, electronics, tires, ceramic tiles, paint, stucco, or hazardous materials.

When to Use a 12-Yard Dumpster

Like the 6-yard dumpster, the 12-yard dumpster is also used to remove construction debris, only more of it. This lowboy bin is ideal for getting rid of landscape materials, heavy material waste and demolition debri, such as dry concrete, ceramic tiles, dirt, bricks, asphalt, plaster, and stucco.

Both the 15-yard and 20-yard dumpsters, like the 10-yard dumpster, are used for removing waste from the backyard or for household cleanups or lighter renovations. You can use the dumpsters to hold household trash, wood, drywall, and furniture. While the 15-yard bin holds up to 2 tons, the 20-yard dumpster handles 3 tons.

Neither of the 15-yard and 20-yard dumpsters is designed to carry concrete, dirt, TVs, monitors, paint, ceramic tile, or stucco.

Safety  First – Delegate Your Waste

Remember, before you rent any dumpster that you need to keep things safe and only fill the dumpster to the fill line. Otherwise, the hauler may not pick up the container. 

Also, keep your waste to a minimum and use the appropriate dumpster. You need to stay organized, even when you’re getting rid of trash and debris. 

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