The Need For High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner Bags In NZ

Vacuum Cleaner Bags In NZ

You need a high-quality vacuum bag in NZ for your space to ensure that when you clean, you are removing dirt rather than spreading it around. With a faulty part installed, you can spray fine dust wherever you clean, resulting in more sneezing and irritation. As the dirt-filled air passes through the sack, it travels to the exhaust port, where clean air is moved out. These containers are made of porous woven material, acting as an air filter to ensure no dirt is ejected back into the air. The tiny holes in the sack are large enough to let air particles pass by but too small for most dirt particles to fit through. As this in many ways cleans and purifies the air within a home or building, a faulty container could result in worsened air quality and increased risk of health issues. Read on to find out more about these products.


The benefits of a container not bursting while using it are pretty self-evident. Mainly these sacks will only burst for one of two reasons: the material was of poor quality, or the construction was of a low standard. As a container fills with dirt, the weight or force of the debris pressing on the sack walls will be too great for low-quality material to handle. This influx of air and dirt will cause the seems to rupture, and the dirt flows freely into the exhaust. Sometimes the force of the air alone is enough to break a low-quality bag when it first flows through it. Poor construction is also a common problem with cheaper products as the glue holding the seams together is often not properly applied or dried. This design flaw is also true for the cardboard collar. If not properly affixed, the collar can separate from the container, causing a leak.


As a vacuum operates, dirt, dust, allergens, dust mite feces, and more are all sucked up from the floor and deposited into the container. The air through the system is then recycled back into the room. The ability to effectively filter the air from the debris is one of the bag’s primary functions. Without it, the system can easily overheat, and your air quality indoors can be reduced. In many cases, this is the main difference between low-quality and high-quality products. A better bag will filter more debris than recycling it back into the room. For health reasons, it is recommended to use a vacuum bag capable of efficiently filtering particles in the .3 to 1.5 Micron range in size.

Dust Loading

As these products fill with debris, the tiny pores required for operation and filtering become clogged over time. As more pores become clogged, air flowing through the system is restricted. This loading can cause back pressure causing the machine to lose suction and stop working entirely. Better quality products have holes that take longer to become clogged, giving you a longer, more reliable experience. In addition, better quality sacks will dust load slowly, maintaining suction longer and putting less strain on your cleaning machine. When you invest in high-quality products for these elements, you can not only make the cleaning tools last longer, but also ensure there is no chance of dust giving your family health issues or allergies.

When you use high-quality vacuum cleaner bags in NZ, you can create a cleaner, more hygienic space to occupy daily. With the right parts in place, you can get a cleaner space indoors with better quality air. Make your space more enjoyable when you use high-quality products like these. Contact us today to find out more.

Edith Lindsay