Jarrah Timber Furniture: What You Should Know

Everyone knows that hardwood is the best kind of wood for any furniture that will see lots of use in the home. And depending on where you live, the best kind of hardwood, as affected not only by source, but also by price, can differ. Looking for hardwood sourced in your country will not only be best for sourcing costs, but will also provide you with easier access to a wider range of hardwoods that local furniture makers know how to work with. One of those hardwoods is Jarrah, and has been touted by furniture makers as a great hardwood material for any type of furniture.

So what makes Jarrah furniture so great, and why should you consider Jarrah wood for your home pieces?

What Is Jarrah Wood?

Found in Western Australia, and also called eucalyptus marginata, Jarrah is a type of hardwood well-known for its rich, deep warm red tones, and is tough and heavy, making it ideal for furniture that sees regular use. Aside from these great characteristics, it’s important to note that Jarrah is resistant to termites, which only adds to its versatility as it lends itself to a wide array of uses not just in the home, but also outside of it. Not having to worry about pests like these can really give you peace of mind, too!

What is Jarrah wood used for?

Historically speaking, Jarrah was used for general construction. Nowadays, manufacturers use it for furniture and flooring, which really alludes to its durability and versatility as these parts of the home require stability and strength over the years. So if you invest in Jarrah furniture, not only will you be getting distinctive pieces that are unique and long-lasting, but you can also rest assured that they will be worth the price because of its durability.

Advantages of Jarrah Furniture

Jarrah is water resistant, which makes it an ideal choice for most furniture items that have a chance of exposure to moisture – such as outdoor furniture. Aside from this, as stated above, Jarrah is resistant to termites, and also has a natural resistance to mildew and decay, making it ideal for moisture-prone and humid areas, as there are less chances of warping, cracking, or wood rot.

And, perhaps the biggest advantage – if you’re looking for warm wood tones such as red or brown in your furniture, Jarrah’s natural colouring may suit your needs perfectly!

Disadvantages of Jarrah Furniture

Jarrah wood dust can cause allergies and eye irritation during the manufacturing process, however if you are buying an already constructed piece of Jarrah furniture, this is not an issue.

Aside from this, because of its natural shade and construction, Jarrah is not as easily customisable into different colours.

As you can see, cabinet makers Newcastle is a worthy choice when you are looking for a distinctive hardwood for your furniture pieces. Unique and charming, and with water and termite resistance to boot, you’ll be hard pressed to find a hardwood with rich character like this.

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