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Here are  tips to stop rushing your washing machine and prevent it from premature obsolescence.New generation washing machines: they have it all. Choose the Best washing machines for the same now.

A garment label

Washing machine, my beautiful washing machine, tells me which program is suitable?

Generally, all the information is indicated on the labels of your clothes.But here is a recap ‘by category.

  • For everyday laundry: for daily washing, you can use a low temperature program, between 30 and 40 degrees.
  • For a messy weekend return: if the textiles allow it (to be checked), opt for a program at 60 degrees to remove stains from grass, mud, etc. Beyond that, you risk damaging your business.
  • For white: for all that is terrycloth towels and sheets, and in order to kill all bacteria, set the program up to 90 degrees: it is the assurance of a clean and fresh linen.
  • For my little cashmere sweater: the wool program, cold, spin at 600 rpm maximum with a little wool and silk detergent, but without fabric softener.
  • For my duvet: if the capacity of your machine allows it, you can wash your duvet at home: synthetic products at 40 degrees, those in feathers and down at 60 degrees. Select a special “white” or cotton cycle, with intensive rinsing and moderate spinning, so as not to tear the envelopes.
  • For baby’s belongings: to eliminate bacteria, it is advisable to wash baby clothes at high temperature (60 or even 90 degrees). Bodysuits, rompers, cotton bibs can easily withstand washing at such temperatures.

The washing machine is an essential purchase especially if you want to get rid of washing by hand! All the questions you ask yourself will be answered here. To make the right choice, let’s ask ourselves the right questions. You do not know where to start ? Let’s start with the basic questions:

Where and how to place your washing machine?

Depending on the room you choose and the space you have available, you will not choose the same type of washing machine. The 3 criteria to take into account depending on your space are as follows:

The opening and loading format: from the front (“Front” or “Window”) or from above (“Top”).

The drying function: 2 in 1 or independent dryer?

The type of installation: “built-in” if you have a fitted kitchen and if you want to hide it behind a door or simply “free-standing”.

How many people are there in your family?

  • Single, couple, or large family? Filled to the brim during the only weekly laundry or regular small laundry? Consider the drum capacity and the width / height / depth trio.

What is your drying need and what equipment do you have for it?

  • Laundry ready to fold and put away when leaving the machine or want a little drying rack and clothespins session? Prefer the spin speed.

A top or front washing machine, which type of loading to choose?

  1. The top washing machine, the partner of small spaces
  2. The front washing machine, ideal for heavy loads
  3. Small need, the mini washing machine or portable washing machine

The various criteria such as size, practicality and layout of your room must enter your final choice process.

The prewash makes it possible to circumvent some constraints of the physics of the solutions. The purpose of washing is to remove dirt that adheres to clothes, to keep them in solution in the water and to evacuate the latter during emptying. Problem: A given volume of water can only dissolve a maximum amount of dirt.

A pre-wash removes 50% of the dirt

For heavily soiled laundry, when washing without prewashing, a chemical balance is created between dissolved soiling (95%, for example) and soiling remaining on the fabric (5%). A pre-wash removes, for example, 50% of the dirt. The subsequent washing will remove the rest. That’s why two washes with a little detergent are better than one wash with a lot of detergent. This also applies to washing the hair with shampoo. Go for the Best washing machines in India now.

One of the first purchases when settling in for the first time is the washing machine. The choice of washing machine remains difficult because the manufacturers offer us a lot of choice, and very often, we buy a device that does not necessarily correspond to our utility.

This is why we have produced this complete guide to choosing your washing machine.

What capacity of the washing machine to choose?

The choice of the capacity of a washing machine is distinguished in Kg. The first important thing to say is not because I have a 10 Kg machine that I will reduce my detergents by 2 compared to a washing machine, 5 Kg


If you make a machine with white laundry, for example, you will certainly end up filling a 10 Kg machine. On the other hand, if you have a mixture with clothes to be washed at 30 ° C, it is possible that your 10kg machine is not full.

It is therefore necessary as a priority, to think about our way of life.

  • How many people are in the household?
  • What use for the washing machine? (I am thinking in particular of hairdressers, restaurants, guest houses, etc.)
  • Do you often have laundry to wash?
  • What type of clothing do you wear most often?

Our conclusion on the choice of the capacity of a washing machine:

  • 1 person : a washing machine of 4 or 5 kg
  • 2 people : washing machine 4 or 5 kg (see 6 kg)
  • 3 people : washing machine of 6 or 7 kg
  • 4 or 5 people : washing machine of 8 or 9 kg

Restaurants / hairdressers / Bed and Breakfast / small hotel…: models of 10 kg see more.

Loading laundry from above or from the front?

On a washing machine, there are 2 types of laundry loading:

  • Front loading (with a window )
  • Top loading ( top )

Top loading: The ” top  ” washing machine 

This type of loading is increasingly rare on the market. However it has a very important advantage, most washing machines of this type have a very narrow width . So if you want to install your washing machine in a small bathroom, don’t hesitate! Obviously, in view of its small size, it is difficult to find top washing machines with a very large capacity.

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