Mistakes to avoid while laying down home tiles

Over the years, several owners have laid down floor tiles on their homes. Not only has it contributed in enhancing the entire look but has also helped to change the environment. Irrespective of the type of tile you choosing wrong installation method can prove to be extremely negative. It will eventually have a negative impact on your house.

Some of the common mistakes you should be avoiding while laying down home tiles include the following

Wrong Trowel Size

Most people often choose the wrong trowel size which negatively impacts your house. As a result, the size of your time must be in combination with the size of trowel. The larger the size of the tile, the deeper should the thin be. The deep notches allow the tiles to be fit in perfectly. As a result, you should ensure that the tile you buy matches everything accordingly. The thicker thin set is aimed at holding larger tiles.

Wrong underlayment

While laying down the tile floors, not a lot of people focus on the underlayment. The underlayment refers to the floor on which the tile is laid. For the perfect laying of times, you will need even, strong and flat surface. The floor should have a thick base so that the tile can fit into properly. If you are new to this field you should prefer calling for expert help for added benefits.

Wrong layout

Apart from the underlayment, a lot of people also commit mistakes while laying down the tiles. Since it is in a diagonal pattern, you should have a proper plan to ensure that it is laid out perfectly. Moreover, if you have a square tile, you can check the 45-degree angle. Once you have got the measurement of the tiles, you need to ensure that the grafted design matches it perfectly. While you are laying the tiles, you should check if it is in a straight line.

No preparation 

Laying tiles in your house is an important affair, which is why you should be careful with it. Before installing the tiles, you need to keep the space thoroughly prepared. As a result, you may prevent grease, dirt and fingerprints. If you haven’t cleaned the space, adhesive won’t work and thus, the tiles won’t get stuck.

You can get Céramique au Sommet tiles in Laval for your convenience. It is better to be prepared from the beginning when planning tile layout. Proper planning can play an important role in easing the entire process.

Paul Petersen