Perfect Catch with the Sprinkler Repair

A garden sprinkler is a very effective tool to properly disperse a treatment on our plants. Here we explain how a sprinkler works to pressure, and we give you some tips to repair or maintain, when its operation shows signs of fatigue.

A simple tool but well thought out

The sprinkler allows the application of liquid solutions of any kind on our plants, flowers and other plants of the garden. It is used to disperse an insecticide, a fungicide or sometimes an herbicide, and it is also used simply to water plants requiring a light mist. With the sprinkler repair fort worth you can be sure of the unending service.

Because that’s what it does, it turns the liquid into fine droplets, especially for the active ingredients are more effective, and to avoid that we put too much product on the plants.

Most models are pre-press, which means that they require pressurization to operate. There is therefore a tank filled with solution, on which is mounted a pump. The latter is activated by means of a handle, which is mounted and lowered, which activates a piston. On the top of the pump, a check valve will compress the air in the pump, which will push and compress the water to the trigger of our spear.

We will release the liquid by pressing the trigger, and the pressure will be evacuated gradually, allowing us to spray for several minutes without having to re-actuate the pump. The tip of the nozzle will then spray the water in fine drops, for controlled watering.

Garden sprinkler maintenance

Probable breakdowns and possible repairs

Like all your tools, your sprinkler will inevitably grow old. It is the rubber seals and valves that suffer the fastest, especially because they eventually harden. To avoid or especially slow down this phenomenon, we can simply coat them with vegetable fat or petroleum jelly from time to time.

In the event that they eventually give up, there are repair kits with seals of different sizes to replace the failing joints. They are found in most garden centers or agricultural stores.

Repair the spear

If you have twisted the nozzle or the nozzle thread is damaged, then you may still be able to repair it. It will simply cut the spear where it is damaged, using a hacksaw. Then we find the fittings that are easily attached, and we will make it perfectly tight with a gland. The new nozzle can then screw without problem on this support.

Obviously, this is only possible if the spear is damaged high enough, or if it is a very long spear. For a fairly short spear that is completely wrong in the middle or lower, there will be no alternative to replacing it.

Sprinkler Maintenance

After each use of your sprinkler, you must empty it and remove the treatment solution used, then rinse the tank correctly and fill it with clean water. The pressurization is then carried out completely and the water is sprayed in a vacuum. This will clean the pipes, the lance and also the nozzle.

It is also necessary to disassemble the pump from time to time. It has a filter that can be brushed or run under water, to remove particles from your solutions that the filter captures to avoid clogging the nozzle and the nozzle. The more often you clean this filter and the better it stays. A dirty filter will cause a drop in pressure, and a projection of water that will be interrupted very often.

How often with the tools, the better they are maintained and the longer they last. This is even truer with a sprinkler that really needs to be cleaned as best as possible after each use. The products that go inside, even organic, are often quite aggressive with plastics or metals, so avoid stagnating indoors.

Kathy McDonough