Reviving Your Kitchen Space With Tiles : Top Tips 

One great way to make your kitchen look great is to include some tiles. This has made tile kitchen walls more popular today.

Here is a fact, by stirring your sauce in a pan on a hob as well as cooking spaghetti bolognese, you can handle any splash of tomato on tiles. But for red splashes on the walls? You’ll cringe. The truth is, tiles are more hygienic, more aesthetic, and cleaner than plain walls.

However, what’s more, essential for a nice kitchen tiling job is proper planning. The last thing you would want to do is to waste time and money by poorly planning the project, from start to finish.

4 Tips for Furnishing Your Kitchen with Tiles

Irrespective of if they are on your walls, as a backslash, or on the floor, the selection of tiles today is unprecedented. The goal here is to make good use of your kitchen space with tiles. Below are four tips for you.

  • Get the kitchen space ready

The space you need to be tiled needs to be well prepared. Old wallpapers must be removed. You likewise need to sand down the walls. Do you recently fit a kitchen worktop? It should be dry. Make it secure before installing tiles around the area. Also, everywhere must be covered with decorating clothes. This helps you to avoid any devastation that may come from splashes/spillages.

  • Understand tile’s material

Among the expanse of the sort of tiles, you should know about the material they are made of. Man-made tiles that are the most efficient are additionally the least demanding to maintain.

Patterns in various textures and colors can make a scheme you desire. They include porcelain tiles, gloss tiles, glass tiles, matt tiles, ceramic tiles, and so on.

On the other hand, stone tiles may not be as easy to maintain as artificial, yet they can be managed with some guidelines. They can be kept looking brilliant and fresh. They include slate, marble, travertine, limestone, and so on.

  • Considered patterned and shaped tiles

Involving designed tiles in your kitchen is a simple method for adding a special detail to your home. It simply offers a striking statement. Patterned tiles in the kitchen are easy for making splashbacks. This will raise your decor and add a touch of ornament. Furthermore, they are ideally suited for adding a contemporary look to your room. This radiates your personality.

For shaped tiles, they are perfect for making a subtle, stunning pattern in kitchens. By changing the placement of the tile, you can make an appearance that looks perfect and contemporary. These are easily done at a low cost.

  • Complement the wall

One interesting way to pull your kitchen space together is by painting the walls with one of the featured colors. This is perfect when you are working with patterned tiles.

It adds a sense of equilibrium and limit to the space you cook in. And perhaps, creating a division between where you entertain.


Tiles are great for rejuvenating your kitchen, especially the walls. Understand the right material suitable for your kitchen before buying them. Also considered are shaped and patterned tiles. Finally, ensure you get the best tiling services from your preferred interior decor expert.

Clare Louise