Techniques for Modernizing Furniture Made from Recycled Wooden Panels

Quality, history, and elegance might be hard to find in new wood furniture, but they are all present in older pieces. It’s possible that the item’s finish and appearance don’t mesh with your family’s necessities or your decorating style, though. You may update old wood furniture in some ways, from bringing it back to its former glory to creating a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of furniture for your space.


For a relatively low price, paint is an excellent option for freshening up aged wood pieces of furniture. For the best results, use a primer and sand between coats to provide a smooth finish. For a more modern aesthetic, choose a bright, surprising color like ruby red or lemon yellow to give the item a more contemporary feel. If you want to make, your furniture stands out even more, paint the trim or recessed areas contrasting to the rest of the piece. While updating the table, you may also use sandpaper or steel wool to scratch and dent it to show the wood below and hammer and chains to scrape and dent it more. Also, click here to know more.


Make sure your furniture retains its old-world charm by staining the wooden pieces. Try to match the current finish or choose a stain that better matches other items. After using a chemical stripper to remove the old paint, sand the thing until it is smooth, paying particular attention to the nooks and crannies. When refinishing antiques, a thick brush, many rags, and a lot of patience are essential. For the best results, apply the stain in tiny portions and wipe it off in the same amount of time for each region.

An oil-based paint finish

After sanding and using a chemical stripper to remove the previous finish, apply tung, Danish, or vintage oil to the wood. To get this high-shine and beautiful varnish, the moisturizing finish, which is allowed to rest for a long time, and the buffing motion needed to remove the excess are all necessary. Using paste wax, seal the item and re-oil it every few months to keep the oil from evaporating.


With the addition of new finishes or features, a piece of furniture may be entirely reimagined. For added usefulness, hang a sleek mirror above a vast, long chest of drawers. This will balance the antique wood item below it. Incorporating a tile, stone, or glass top on a table adds color to the article and masking any imperfections. It’s also possible to put a new drawer face or door on a cabinet or cupboard using wood trimming on plywood to achieve the look of molding or to maintain it flat and streamlined.


Kathy McDonough