Discover different types of Cheeses available in the market

Cheeses are foods developed from the coagulation of milk. The action of airborne bacteria on milk transforms lactose into lactic acid and cuts the food, starting the whole process. From there, several types of cheese can be developed, with completely different characteristics and preparation techniques. You can classify a beautiful cheese board according to its texture, the type of milk used, its flavor, aroma and degree of ripeness. How about knowing the different types?

Hard cheeses

Hard cheeses are traditionally hard dough and have more intense flavors and aromas. Ideal to be part of a cold cuts board, they are also widely used in homemade recipes.

Soft cheeses

Soft cheeses are those with a mass that is creamier and easier to break or melt. Generally the most popular of all types of cheese, they are easy to combine with other ingredients.

Blue cheeses

Blue cheeses have as main characteristic the use of specific molds to develop their super traditional and striking flavors and aromas. Also indicated to compose a cold cuts board, they can give a special flavor to your recipes.

Fresh cheese

The fresh cheeses are those developed from the whey or do not undergo a curing process. Therefore, they are lighter and easier to taste. Besides, they are also the best option for lighter meals.

Check out some types and their differences –

Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella is everyone’s favorite. Of Italian origin and widely used in cooking, it has a soft and elastic texture when fresh. But after 11 days of maturation it acquires consistency and becomes firm. It can be consumed cold, straight, in salads, cooked and is irreplaceable in the composition of pizzas.


This cheese has an intense and spicy flavor. Made with cow’s milk, it’s great for making salads with a mild flavor, to balance them out. For those who prefer a more striking flavor, it can be eaten chopped and pure. It has a slightly smoky flavor and a firmer consistency.

Cottage cheese

It is one of the most consumed cheeses in the United States, which became aware of this type of cheese through English culture. It has a granular consistency and a heterogeneous, granular and creamy texture. It is widely used in diets, as it has few calories.

Mascarpone cheese

It is a type of Italian cheese with an extremely creamy texture and a slight bittersweet touch, which makes it an excellent accompaniment to sweets, in the filling of red fruit pie. With a mild flavor, it goes very well with sandwiches, quiches or pates.


The cheese of Dutch origin is produced with pasteurized cow’s milk, semi-cooked and pressed. It is ideal for pure consumption on cheese boards. You can enjoy it at many cheese and wine parties, as it goes well with grapes like Italy and fruity white wine.

Brie cheese

Of French origin, it has soft, crumbly dough. It is externally matured by the fungus, which gives the bark a whitish color. This firm, consistent dough cheese is often used in snacks because it melts easily. It also combines with meat sausages, hot or cold.

Kathy McDonough