Tips for choosing natural stone for flooring

Natural Stone flooring is not only suitable for commercial spaces but residential spaces as well. It is durable and can last longer than others. There are different types of flooring options available, but compared to all, natural stone flooring would be the best choice to make.

If you are planning to get natural stone flooring in your house, you need to take into consideration, a lot of factors. Some of the most prominent types of flooring include the following

High foot traffic and wear

Natural Stone flooring are being used since a long time. The test of time has proven to be extremely beneficial for it can withstand high foot traffic. If you are looking for a temporary flooring, you need to go for high foot traffic. Different types of modern flooring include slate, marble, granite and travertine. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to fuss about restoration as well.

Value not trend

As compared to other flooring options, natural floor can help to add value to your house and commercial space. Carpet flooring have a specific time period but the stone flooring can last for years. However, it is necessary to know that not all stones will have the same value. If you are choosing natural flooring for your house, it should be easy to restore and enhance the beauty.

Color and size

The natural stone floorings are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. As far as colours are concerned, they vary from pure white to deep black. There is a huge difference between marble and granite in terms of size and are often available in large slabs. Apart from colour and design, the translucency of the stone matters too.

Moderation and enhancement

Comparatively, dense and natural stones tend to have a better finish and polish than others. Moreover, restoration is also very common in this case. Granite and marble from granite au Sommet are capable of having better shine after being polished. This may however not be the case with soft stones. As a result, restoration for softer stones will be expensive.


Natural Stone are prone to stains but then removal in that case is pretty easy. The natural stones are prone to different kinds of stains such as claw marking and permanent markers. You should be able to remove stains easily from the stone for better look. If you are getting natural stone for house, make sure not to go for one that is prone to stains.

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