Carpets and rugs bring color and style to any place. The carpet/ rug you choose for your home or office will define your sense of style and fashion. If you are looking for a variety of luxury carpeting options, then you should visit ITC Natural Luxury Flooring

The most important thing while buying a rug or carpet is to make sure that the material is the right one and for choosing the right material you must know about all the elements that are used in making carpet.

Below is the list of different materials and fabrics used in making carpets:

  1. Triexta:Triexta is a synthetic fiber which is an ideal choice for houses which has kids or pets (or both). The triexta fibers are strong and not easily torn like other fabrics, so they are longlasting and durable. However, the carpet with triexta is also more expensive than other rugs because it is a better and more powerful option.  
  2. Acrylic: Acrylic carpets are made up of wool-like fabric which is resistant to most stains and also resists static. It doesn’t fade quickly and maintains its color and shape for an extended period. Acrylic carpets and rugs are not as expensive as the triexta carpets. 
  3. Olefin: Olefin is a part of the polypropylene compound which was earlier used as outdoor mats or rugs to judge how well it can resist the moisture. Now, they are used for indoor carpets because they are very strong and provides wool like texture. They are dyed to make them look strong, and direct exposure to sunlight can spoil its appearance and shape. 
  4. Wool: Wool is the best choice of fabric for carpets. It is appealing because it has a sequence of best wool carpet woven carefully together. It much resists dirt and a lot of common stains. But, a woolen carpet or rug is more expensive than most of the carpets because it is more durable and sturdy.
  5. Polyester: Polyester is a very famous synthetic material. It can resist stains, can withstand moisture, and is easy to clean off. However, if you don’t maintain it and keep it away from direct sunlight, then it can clump into piles of rubbish. Polyester carpets are also very affordable.
  6. Nylon: Nylon is also a very popular carpet material nowadays. It is a durable fabric which resists dirt and is easily cleaned. Nylon carpets are strong and can stay in shape for a long time, but it can produce a lot of static electricity, especially in the dry weather. Nylon carpets are most readily available because they are currently in fashion.

The most expensive, best and most durable material for carpet is wool because it is soft, natural and eco-friendly. However, wool carpets are not suitable for all areas because it is a sort of luxury item, and it should be put in a place where it can be taken care of properly. If you are looking for luxurious flooring options, make sure to visit theITC Natural Luxury Flooring as they have a wide variety of rugs and carpets from which you can choose a suitable one.

Kathy McDonough