What are Dentures? Complete Dentures Vs. Partial Dentures

Dentures are cosmetic and functional dental prostheses. They are intended as a substitute for missing teeth and cover the upper or lower teeth to improve chewing, speaking, and aesthetics. Dentures include two parts, a base that is usually made of plastic and artificial teeth. These prostheses can actually be made from acrylic, metal, or a combination of the two materials. However, they are often made from porcelain and silicone to resemble natural teeth. Dentures can be worn during eating and talking, but removal is recommended before going to bed to ensure that they do not move overnight and cause irritation.

There are two types of dentures widely used in cosmetic dentistry. They are complete dentures and partial dentures. Complete dentures are only used when you have lost all teeth in an arch. Meanwhile, partial dentures in Columbia are used for the loss of multiple teeth in an arch.

Differences Between Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures

Advancing age can make it difficult to manage the dental hygiene of your mouth. The management of oral health becomes more difficult when you start losing your natural teeth. In addition to teeth loss, it can also pave the path for the entry of gum diseases. Those who have lost their natural teeth can opt for complete dentures or partial dentures. Complete dentures provide full coverage. They are used when you lose all your natural teeth in an arch. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are attached to natural teeth on either side of where missing teeth are located.

Complete dentures and partial dentures are two options for replacing missing teeth. However, both of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Complete dentures are more reliable than partial dentures because they offer a better fit. Moreover, complete dentures don’t slip as easily as partial dentures do. However, complete dentures can make you feel more uncomfortable than partial dentures because the contact point with the gum line is greater for complete dentures.

The Process of Getting Dentures Installed

Getting dentures is a long process but an important one. It starts with finding out what type of denture would be best for you and your individual needs. After finding the right fit, patients will go through impressions, to make sure that their dentures are made to fit them perfectly. Once completed, it will usually take 2-6 weeks to get the dentures and then another few weeks to get used to them.

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