What Is Fsi And How Do You Calculate It?

Designing a building involves a lot of calculations. One of such is simply called FSI. These calculations influence the style and Galloway Architects, for example, take into consideration the FSI of any proposed building project before coming up with a suitable design. It is like an item on the checklist for construction projects.

What is FSI?

Floor Space Index (FSI) is defined as the ratio of the total floor area of the buildings in a particular area. Floor Space Index can also be called Floor Area Ratio (FAR). It can also be defined as an index of the maximum allowed floor area that can be sited on a defined land area.

Mathematically, this index is expressed by the formula: FSI = Floor area of all buildings /Areas of the plot.

How to calculate FSI

From the formula FSI = Floor area of all buildings/Area of the plot, it is clear that two parameters are necessary; the total floor area of the total buildings on the plot, and the total area of the plot.

This is illustrated with an example:

If the total floor area of the buildings on your land is 300 square feet and the land measures 100 square feet, then the FSI will be 3. How? 300/100 = 3.

Conversely, the allowed total floor area that can be constructed on a land area can be determined by simply multiplying the FS by the value of the land area. For example, the total floor area permissible on 5000 square feet of land with an FSI of 1.5 is given by 1.5*5000 = 7500 square feet.

Importance of FSI

Among others,

  1. FSI gives immediate information to architects and civil engineers when they plan a building. For example, Galloway architects immediately check the FSI on any area the client intends to erect a building. This influences the choice of architectural designs; necessity or flamboyance.
  2. FSI gives the blueprint to follow stipulated laws for erecting a building. It makes it easier for construction companies to work according to the rules and regulations made by the housing and construction department.
  3. FSI aids the city officials in checking overpopulation and regulating the distribution and use of social amenities.

The FSI of an area cannot be set by anyone; rather, building regulations are made after careful measurements of the building and land areas. Galloway architects work together with the local authorities to design and construct buildings according to the regulations in place there.

Paul watson