How To Spice Up The Beauty Of Your Kitchen Island

“No man is an island.” 

This phrase stated by an English poet named John Donne in the 17th century is known worldwide up until the generation of today. He was addressing how no one is self-sufficient. No matter what color of one’s skin, what language they use, wherever country they grew up in, John concludes that each person on Earth needs to rely on others to grow.

The axiom is also applied in kitchen islands. This particular section within the kitchen reinforces the bond and the relations between family members and friends who visit from time to time. This single isle serves as a hub where all persons within the household huddles together – whether it is for preparing the ingredients for the meal, cooking, and sharing meals.

Nevertheless, a kitchen island is not only utilized for concocting food and eating feasts. This single atoll is a versatile material that is commonly installed between the cooking area and the living room. It can be an additional counter space to hold up meetings, do homework or home-based work, or catching up with each other, additional storage, room for an appliance, or a small work sink. 

The islet was originally derived from the notion in the 1800s where a traditional European home had a worktable in front of the stove. This idea was then improved and converted by Franklin Lloyd Wright in the 1930s where his client wished to have a section of a kitchen that would let her cook and still communicate with her guests.

Until then, more and more homeowners are installing a built-in kitchen island in their galleys – most especially those islands that have chairs. Accumulating up with their hoard spaces and lessening their expenses in purchasing a dining table. Plus, it brings every single person within the household together – avoiding any mishaps and a melancholic solitude.

If you already have a kitchen island installed in your pantry or are planning to mount one, have you ever wondered how to refreshen up the exquisiteness of that single isle? 

To answer your curiosity, read the infographic below with all the basic steps on how to pep up the beauty of your kitchen island brought to you by the most notorious company in refacing kitchen cabinet Corona and renovating kitchen cabinet Santa Ana; Mr. Cabinet Care:

5 Ways to Spice up the Beauty of Your Kitchen Island

Kathy McDonough