How to Keep Your Bathroom Safe for Children


The bathroom is the last place where you should leave your children alone. They could be at risk of injuries when they’re in the bathroom. The floor is slippery, and they might bump their head on the items inside. If you have a tub, your children run the risk of drowning. There might also be an outlet within their reach that could lead to electrocution. You don’t want your children to be alone unless they’re old enough to use the bathroom without help. Apart from looking after your children, these are the other things you have to do to guarantee safety.

Lock the door

Your bathroom needs to have a key. It can be somewhere close to the door, but it should be out of your children’s reach. In doing so, you can lock the bathroom when not in use. You won’t be able to look after your children all the time. When your eyes aren’t on them, you can feel safe knowing that they can’t get into the bathroom alone.

Install heated floors

Heated floors might be a bit pricey, but they’re effective in keeping the floor dry. If someone recently used the bathroom, the floor will be wet. It would take several minutes to dry up. If your children have to use the bathroom, it’s dangerous. Having a heated floor could prevent the possibility of slipping.

Try a minimalistic approach

Children see all areas as their playground. Make sure your bathroom doesn’t look like one. Even if they run around, they still have to feel safe. It helps if you choose a minimalist approach. Remove unnecessary items and accessories. Purchase vanity furniture so you can keep everything inside. You won’t have empty containers lying on the floor.

Expand the bathroom

If your bathroom is too small, you should consider remodelling. When you first lived there, your children weren’t around yet. Hence, you felt comfortable with a small bathroom. Now that they’re growing, you should consider remodelling. Otherwise, it could pose some risks. Remodelling might be expensive, but it’s necessary in some instances.

Let go of the bathtub

Having a bathtub might be relaxing. However, it’s not advisable if you have children. They could open the tap and drown. There might be a complex process of operating it, but it’s still risky. It’s better if you use a steam shower and shower cabins. You will still feel comfortable while bathing, but it won’t be threatening to your children. Make sure the controls are out of reach since they could also get scalded by the hot water.

Repair chipped tiles

If you never changed anything in your bathroom for years, some parts might already require repairs. Check your tiles first. If there are chipped tiles, they require immediate repair. They could cause injury. Besides, they might look old and in dire need of replacement. Find affordable options if you can’t spend a lot on expensive tiles.

With these changes, you won’t have to worry about bathing with your children anymore. You can even leave them to use the bathroom on their own.





Kathy McDonough