What to Listen to While Choosing the Ideal Speakers?

Hearing is intuitive. That means everyone perceives sound from a speaker differently. What sounds slightly high-pitched or bright to one person may be low and airy to another. So there is always going to be room for debate on what sounds the best. 

It’s easy to go online or a store for a pair of speakers, but are they right for you? When choosing a speaker, sound quality is topped among size, budget, appearance, room dimensions, and other factors, so it’s not that simple to choose what’s right for you.

This article focuses on the audible aspects that you should look out for when choosing speakers for you! Even if you are into the best subwoofer under $500, consider these aspects before buying one.


The easiest and most important thing to listen for is the clarity or the precision of sound. The best way to test this is to play the music you’re familiar with, a song or album where you know every beat in detail. If you listen to those beats clearly and accurately, then Voila! Your speakers have great sound quality.

If your speakers are truly revealing, you’ll be able to hear tunes and layers you’ve never heard before. On the other hand, if the music sounds muddy and not as expressive as you thought of, it is not the best speaker for you.

Imaging or Soundstage

The next thing to listen for is the ability to proffer a sense of place, distance, and 3-D sound field. That means speakers should convince you that sound is coming from all around not just the two boxes from the front. 

The drummer should be distinguishable in terms of location on stage if you’re listening to live music. Even the background noises behind the dialogs or scenes should be perceptible from good sounding speakers.

Refinement and Neutrality

It refers to the speaker’s ability to sound as close to the real thing as possible. Since the majority of dialogs and instrumental content occurs in mid-range frequencies, it is important to focus on listening there. But don’t ignore the bass and high-frequencies for their ability to create a powerful impact of sound convincingly and realistically.

If speakers can transport you onstage or in the middle of a movie scene, then those speakers are excellent in neutrality and refinement.

Dynamic Range

A speaker’s ability to easily rise to extreme musical notes and cinematic peaks or to furnish the quietest moments with detail is known as the dynamic range of a speaker. It is not just the measure of how loud you can increase the speaker, with minimal or no distortion at all, dynamic range is shadier than that. The speaker will play as loud as you want to but it should also play subtle or delicate when the content demands it. 


When comes to choosing the best subwoofer under 1000 dollar based on the sounds, you won’t go wrong by listening to the aspects mentioned above. If you love the speaker based on these points, love the appearance, priced within the budget, it fits within your room dimensions, then you’ve likely to found the ideal speakers for you. Don’t forget to consider the specifications and warranty details of the speakers before buying them.

Paul watson