Can Solar Panels Be Fixed?

Do you know what energy resource isn’t owned or taxed yet? The answer is solar power. It is the energy coming from the sun.  It was used by humans way back in the 7th century. Early men used magnifying glasses to start a fire for cooking. The Greeks and Romans bounced the sunlight off to burning mirrors to light their sacred torches.

They also made sunrooms to capture the sun’s natural warmth. In 1883, Charles Fritts created the 1st solar cell. This led to the invention of the 1st solar panel in 1954. It was then used in space to power the Vanguard 1 satellite.

Solar panels became popular in 2005. Most residential homes in Europe and the U.S. started using DIY solar panel arrays and kits. Now, the question is can solar panels be fixed? Let’s take a look at solar panel repairs and commercial solar panel installation san bernardino county ca.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Each solar panel is made up of a glass casing, a metal frame, and layers of silicon cells and solar wired in arrays. The solar cells absorb the sunlight during the daytime. When light energy strikes the solar cell, the silicon cells cause the electrons to “come loose” and create an electric current. To use this electric current in powering your home, an inverter turns such direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC).

Common Solar Panel Repairs

Like other devices that produce energy, solar panels are also prone to damages. Their broken parts are easy to recognize because of the simplicity of their structure. Luckily, most issues on a solar panel can be fixed. Among the most common solar panel repairs are:

Inner Module Damage.

Sometimes, faulty production or prolonged use of solar panels result in internal damages. These can be discoloured cells, films, or sheets. There may also be a burnt-out solar module or unwanted inclusions in the PV laminates. Seeking the help of a specialist in solar panel repairs makes you quickly identify the problem and its solution.

Loose Wiring.

The most common issue with solar panels is loose wiring. Because the wires are very thin, they are prone to cuts due to fluctuating currents and outside elements. Even the smallest wires can cause failed connections. Solar panel repairs are good at checking wire performances and fixing them.

Microscopic Cracks, Fractures, and Hot Spots.

Solar panels are commonly placed on open spaces and rooftops where they are exposed to weather elements. There may also be a time that the direct current produced is very strong. Over time, these causes microscopic cracks, fractures, and hot spots on the surface of the solar panel glass.

As long as the lamination panels and waterproofing frames are in good condition, such issues can be addressed by solar panel repairs.

Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

PID commonly happens when there’s a voltage fluctuation happening in the earthing system of the solar panel. The result is a varying percentage of discharged voltage and a boost in the aging of your solar panels. Solar panel repairs can address such issues and stabilize the performance of your solar panels. They can also slow down the aging of your device.

Kathy McDonough